Moving estimate explained by movers

Moving estimate explained.

Quotes for your move

Moving don’t have to be a pain, you need to decide if you are going to move, or hire a mover.  However, that should not be a worry. Movers improve the experience and make moving a fun and exciting experience. You have to be careful, otherwise, you might find yourself in a financial ditch.

Ask right questions at the right time. Usually, moving companies will offer you a free quote or estimate. You need to be able to analyze and understand the quote. This can be a critical part of the hiring process.

Otherwise, all you might have in your hand is a piece of paper that does not mean much. Here are some great questions you should think and ask before settling for the value on that quote.

Ask your mover if the quote is binding. Read the terms.

Some of the moving quotes are nothing more than just a simple estimate. There are great chances that the actual price will bloat out of control and cost you a lot more. Binding quotes, on the other hand, are safer.

Also known as “not to exceed” quotes, they can only be given when the mover personally inspects the items being moved.

They give you a rough idea of what you ought to pay and allow you to organize yourself financially better. Your understanding of the quote is important, read carefully to learn why.

Does the quote include other extra charges? Read your quote!

There are a variety of other charges that might be enjoined in your final invoice like stair charges, parking charges, storage and fuel charges among others.

It is important that you ask if your quote includes such charges to avoid being blindsided into paying extra once you have hired the company for the move as such charges might be omitted from the quote. Moving estimate explained by Top Notch Movers.

What are the terms and forms of payment? Moving estimate explained.

You have to be ready for any situation, make sure it is clear to what type of payment moving company accepts. For starters, do not deal with a company that will only accept cash.

Call your moving company, ask if they accept payments in a variety of methods.

Secondly, it is a good idea to settle for those that agree on payment upon delivery as opposed to having a deposit. In the event that you have to settle for the deposit, it would be wise to ask if the deposit is refundable and if there are any charges that are deducted in the event that you ask for the refund.

Does the quote include insurance? Check DOT website for more info.

Insurance is really the magic word when it comes to moving. You can never be too sure so it is better to have that extra blanket of safety. Ask if the quote provided includes insurance and if it does, what it covers or the extent it covers.

If you find this unsatisfactory and you would like to upgrade, ask if it is possible to get more insurance.

Who pays for the broken items? Make sure it is not you.

Chances are this will not be covered in the moving quote since the company does not foresee such circumstances. However, it would be a good idea to make sure you ask about the reimbursement policy and who pays for items that are broken en route.

You have to establish a good understanding of how you will be reimbursed in case of any damages to your items. Remember that you have to consider quality over quantity when it comes to the moving company. The goal is not to get the lowest quote but rather the most comprehensive and with the lowest risk possible.

Call several companies, get different estimates. Research your movers. Equally, you should not be looking for the most exorbitant one. There are things that you might not really need during the move.

The aim is for you to look for a well-balanced and well thought out quote. It needs to offer you a value for your money and security for your property. To sum it up:

  • Ask your mover what kind of a quote you’ve got.
  • Read the terms of the quote, avoid misleading terms.
  • Make sure you are able to provide the type of a payment that moving company requires.
  • Check if movers are licensed and insured.
  • Go thru the paperwork, check their policy on claims and customer reimbursements

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