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    Long Distance Moving

    Moving from state to state by Top Notch Movers

    Planning on moving out-of-state of Florida to any state within the continental USA? We offer long distance moving services to clients within Florida and more than 40 other states for pick-up, and delivery to all of the states in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii. 

    Top Notch Movers is a licensed and insured long-distance moving company. We use our own trucks and our own guys to ensure the prompt and safe delivery of your household items. Most of our clients are happy with the services provided and will recommend us to their friends and family. We offer realistic prices and much-needed moving help for people who are looking for professional and reliable moving services.

    Years of Experience | Licensed & Insured | Competitive Pricing | Professional Crews and Management

    Long Distance Moving by Top Notch Movers

    Tired of horror stories about the movers who robbed the clients, overcharged, or held items hostage? Unfortunately, long distance moving companies have a reputation that is ruined by a few bad actors in the industry that are not following legal ways of doing business. 

    At Top Notch Movers we believe in fair and honest business practices. Our goal is to deliver exceptional quality services so you as a client will be coming back to us when you need to move again. 

    This page is written for you, to get more information about long distance moving, how it works, and what to look forward to. Researching your moving company and understanding the services provided by one is key to a successful stress-free move. 

    Things to pay attention to when hiring a mover or getting an estimate from one: 

    • Moving company is licensed by the Department of Transportation.
    • Reputation of the mover, Google Reviews, HomeAdvisor, etc.
    • Location of the moving company, best to choose one near you.
    • Ability of a mover to communicate openly with the client regarding the quote and services provided.
    • Look for a moving carrier, not a broker, brokers sell jobs to other moving companies.
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    • Avatar Maya Bendly ★★★★★ a month ago
      HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Honestly the best moving experience I had to date! I work in the medical … More field so had a very tight time frame for moving from
      One place to the other. I was very skeptical at first that the moving company will be able to do it all in the time I had, but Top notch movers proved me wrong! 3 guys came in to my apartment they were so fast, efficient, and gentle with my items I was genuinely surprised. They were so respectful and communicated so well with both of the buildings (which can be challenging since my buildings were both in Sunny Isles and Aventura..) And all my furniture made it safely without any problems!
      Could not recommend this company more, if you’re contemplating whether or not to hire this company, think no further!
    • Avatar Ira Silverman ★★★★★ a month ago
      While I do not often do reviews, I felt compelled as this was by far one of my BEST moving … More experiences. From my first call and speaking with Mark, his professionalism, clarity and follow up had me knowing that I was likely going with Top Notch out of the gate. The team of Chris and Ernesto were OUTSTANDING. Smart, also professional, care and efficiency made my move as smooth as it could be. So glad I went with this team and I would not hesitate to use them again and certainly recommend them. No matter how large or small your move is, look no further!
    • Avatar Corey Barberito ★★★★★ a week ago
      Couldn't be happier going with Top Notch for my move. They are exactly that.. Top Notch. … More The guys worked their butts off and did a phenomenal job. Have moved many times in the last few years and that was by far the smoothest move I've ever had allowing me to feel settled in my new place less than an hour after getting finished.

    Interstate Movers

    It is vital to hire a reputable and knowledgeable interstate moving company for your move. Have questions? We are here to help:

    Long Distance Moving:

    Long distance moving has emerged as the second most popular type of relocation among Americans, who often find themselves changing states three to four times throughout their lives. With a significant number of individuals seeking new opportunities or pursuing different lifestyles, long distance moves have become increasingly prevalent in recent years.

    Long Distance Moving: Popular among Americans Changing States Multiple Times in a Lifetime

    Most of our clients moving out-of-state due to work, studies, or simply being closer to their families. Some would love to change the climate or find better states financially for their retirement.
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    Interstate Movers, moving you cross country.

    Differences Between Interstate Movers and Intrastate Movers: Licensing and Types of Service

    When it comes to moving services, it’s essential to understand the distinction between interstate and intrastate movers. Let’s delve into the variations, licensing requirements, and types of service provided by each.

    Licensed Interstate Movers for Seamless State-to-State Relocation:

    For a hassle-free move across state lines, it’s crucial to hire licensed interstate moving companies that have obtained approval from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and meet all the necessary insurance requirements mandated by law. These reputable companies possess USDOT and MC (Carrier Authority) certifications, ensuring their legitimacy and ability to transport and relocate your household goods safely and legally.

    Licensing Requirements and Verification Process:

    All movers must comply with general rules and licensing requirements to provide reliable services. When verifying a mover’s credentials, it’s important to ensure they possess the appropriate licensing for interstate moves. Merely having local licensing is insufficient to facilitate a move across state borders. Instead, ask for the mover’s DOT and MC numbers, or you can check their credentials yourself by visiting the Safer FMCSA website and inputting the mover’s name. This way, you can confirm their legitimacy and ensure they meet the necessary criteria for interstate moving.

    Interstate Movers: Facilitating Long Distance Moves:

    Interstate movers are capable of handling both local and long distance moves within the United States. They specialize in transporting your belongings from one state to another, and their charges are typically based on factors such as mileage, weight, or the space occupied. To provide accurate estimates, interstate movers evaluate the inventory of items provided by the client, either through an in-person assessment or over the phone.

    Intrastate Movers: Reliable Local Moving Services:

    On the other hand, intrastate movers focus on providing local moving services within a single state. These companies usually charge on an hourly basis, considering the number of movers or trucks required for the job, rather than the size of the move. It’s worth noting that many local moving companies also possess interstate licensing, allowing them to expand their service offerings and generate additional revenue.

    Understanding the distinctions between interstate and intrastate movers, along with their respective licensing requirements and types of service, empowers you to make informed decisions when selecting a moving company for your specific needs.

    24 Foot Box truck for Moving with open back

    Cost of Moving Out of State.

    When it comes to long distance moving, understanding the associated costs is essential. To simplify the process for you, we have compiled a comprehensive breakdown of charges and expenses into easily accessible toggle segments. Whether you prefer full-service moving, self-packing, or a hybrid approach, explore the breakdowns to gain insights into the costs you can anticipate.

    However, it’s always advisable to conduct your own research and contact moving companies directly to obtain accurate quotes before making any decisions. Discover the true cost of your long distance move today!

    Long Distance moving companies offer a few different ways for a client to get a quote. It can either be over the phone, in-person, or recently a lot of the movers integrated video calls. Long distance moving quotes are generated and estimated based on the number of items you have, and depending on the company space taken or the weight of the shipment. Also, the rate varies based on the state of pick-up and where the items are going.

    Rates can greatly differ from mover to mover, but here are some general ideas for the moves going out of Florida: 

    • Florida – East Coast states: from $4.5 to $6/cu.ft. 
    • Florida – Midwest states: from $6.0 to $8.5/cu.ft.
    • Florida – Southwest states: from $6.0 to $9.0/cu.ft.
    • Florida – West Coast states from $6.5 to $12.0/cu.ft

    For example, moving 400 cu.ft worth of items out of Florida to New York will cost you approximately $2200 in space charges at the rate of $5.50/cu.ft. Also, most of the movers will add 10 to 15% in fuel charges and you can expect some additional charges for packing materials if you have anything fragile or boxes to pack.

    The cost of the moves will differ greatly based on availability, seasonality (summer moves are always more expensive than winter ones), and your items. 

    We do highly suggest reaching out to a professional with questions about the quote for long distance moving services and to understand better how the move is handled.

    You might think that renting a truck for a long distance move might be a great idea, but sometimes it can backfire. Both with the cost of renting one and the enormous difficulty with driving one for a long period of time without having any previous experience doing it.

    Contrary to our suggestions on our local moving page, we prefer Penske and Enterprise rental trucks when it comes to cross country, long distance moving. Traveling in those trucks is easier and they tend to cost less per mile, which at the end of the day can save you a good amount of money on your move.

    The average cost of renting a truck can vary greatly, as one way depends a lot on the same conditions as most of the movers. Date, time, seasonality, and availability of the units. Broadly speaking, renting a truck for your long distance moving needs can cost you anywhere from $1200 all the way to $2000 and even more. That is purely the cost of rental and mileage, not counting in gas, and services to load and unload the truck if you are unable to do it on your own.

    Cross country moves are where the difference in cost from the mover to renting a truck and doing it on your own is usually minimal. 

    However, one significant benefit to renting a truck is flexibility and certainty on when your items will be with you in your new state when the movers are taking time to deliver your furniture over the period of days or even weeks.

    Moving containers for long distance moves are a great option for people who require a mix of services. Flexible storage, and plenty of time to load/unload your items on your own clock. Most of time hiring a pod company to complete a long distance move won’t be cheaper than hiring a mover, and usually will actually cost you more. 

    There are risks involved when moving and using pods for long distance relocation. As we stated before, pods aren’t great when it comes to long-term storage or the safe transportation of goods. Some of them aren’t maintained properly and your items can get moldy while staying outside in the pod for long periods of time. So keep that in mind in case you want to hire a pod company. Make sure that all of their equipment is clean and well-sealed. 

    On average the cost of moving a pod from one state to another can vary from around $2000 all the way to $8,000. Depending on the number of pods required for your home or an apartment. The rule is that (2) 16′ Ft pods grant about the same space as the smaller 24′ moving truck

    When it comes to long distance moving, it’s crucial to prioritize informed decision-making. To ensure a stress-free experience, we strongly recommend obtaining written information before committing to any services. Beware of unlicensed or uninsured service providers found on platforms like Craigslist or generic advertisements. Choosing reputable professionals not only saves you money but also eliminates unnecessary stress and saves valuable time.

    While local moves are generally more manageable and convenient to plan, prepare, and execute, long distance moves require careful consideration. Collaborating with licensed and experienced movers or developing a well-thought-out plan of action can make all the difference. Ultimately, as you transition into your new home, you deserve a positive and memorable moving experience rather than an arduous hurdle to overcome.

    Cost of moving

    Out-of-state moves can be costly, but we are here to provide you with an affordable and fair price. Our team of moving experts is ready to assist you in obtaining an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs. Don't hesitate to reach out today and experience our exceptional service!

    Discover the average moving costs across different regions in the United States

    Typically, moves within the East Coast average around $2200, while the Midwest costs approximately $2600. For those relocating to the Southwest, the average price is around $2900, while the West Coast averages approximately $3400.

    Based on our own stats

    Keep in mind that these prices can vary based on factors like pickup location, destination, and specific service terms. Contact us to get a personalized quote today!
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    Cross Country Moves

    Embarking on a cross country move requires meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and a healthy dose of patience. From considering costs and estimating the required time to accomplishing miscellaneous tasks, every aspect demands attention.

    By engaging in thorough preparation, you can effectively minimize unforeseen surprises and address potential issues, ensuring a seamless moving process from start to finish. Prioritize efficient planning to streamline your cross country relocation and enjoy a hassle-free transition to your new home.

    Cross Country Moving: Tiemframe

    Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a moving company to complete a cross country move on average? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

    Up to 21 business days

    When it comes to cross country moves, it's important to note that moving companies typically specify a delivery window of up to 21 business days for your items. However, the actual timeframe can vary depending on the specific states involved in the pickup and destination. On average, you can expect a transit time of approximately 8-12 days from the date you are prepared to receive your belongings. Keep these estimates in mind as you plan and prepare for your cross country move.
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    Cross Country Moving: Efficient Planning for a Smooth Relocation

    Undoubtedly, planning a long distance move is a laborious task. While it may be comparatively easier than organizing an out-of-state relocation, it still demands thorough preparation and time investment. Whether you are moving alone, with family, or with pets, every aspect must be carefully accounted for. That’s why it is crucial to commence your planning process well in advance for your long distance move.

    To ensure a seamless and stress-free transition, we highly recommend initiating your preparations approximately a month or so before your scheduled moving date. 

    Pros of Planning Your Cross Country Move Ahead of Time: 


    • Smooth Organization: Planning your cross country move in advance allows for a systematic and organized approach. You can create a timeline, set milestones, and allocate tasks, ensuring a well-coordinated relocation process.

    • Time and Cost Savings: By planning ahead, you can take advantage of early booking discounts offered by moving companies and secure favorable rates for transportation and other services. This proactive approach also gives you more time to compare quotes and find the best deals.

    • Availability of Resources: Planning in advance ensures that you have ample time to gather the necessary resources for your move. This includes packing supplies, finding reliable movers, and making arrangements for temporary storage, if required. It reduces the last-minute rush and potential stress associated with resource shortages.

    • Flexibility and Options: Early planning provides you with more flexibility in choosing your preferred moving dates. You have a better chance of securing the dates that align with your schedule, allowing for a smoother transition. Additionally, planning ahead allows you to explore various options and make informed decisions regarding moving services, insurance coverage, and additional amenities.

    • Peace of Mind: One of the biggest advantages of planning ahead is the peace of mind it offers. Knowing that you have taken care of the logistical aspects of your move, you can focus on other important aspects of the transition, such as saying goodbye to friends and family, setting up utilities in your new home, and familiarizing yourself with the new location.

    Cons of Moving Long Distance at the Last Minute:

    • Limited Availability: Failing to plan your cross country move ahead of time can result in limited availability of reputable moving companies, especially during peak moving seasons. This can lead to difficulties in finding reliable movers and securing your preferred moving dates.

    • Higher Costs: Without proper planning, you may end up paying higher prices for moving services. Last-minute bookings often come with premium rates, and you may miss out on early booking discounts or special offers available when you plan ahead.

    • Inadequate Preparation: Moving without a plan leaves little time to properly prepare your belongings for the journey. Insufficient packing and lack of protective measures can result in damaged or broken items during transit.

    • Overlooking Important Details: Rushing through the moving process increases the likelihood of overlooking essential details, such as updating your address with relevant institutions, transferring utilities, or notifying important contacts about your relocation. These oversights can cause inconvenience and disruptions in your post-move life.

    • Increased Risks: Without proper planning, you are more vulnerable to unforeseen challenges and setbacks during your cross country move. From encountering roadblocks on the route to facing delays in transportation, the lack of a well-structured plan can amplify the risks associated with long-distance moves.

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    Expert Long Distance Moving Services in South Florida

    At Top Notch Movers, we specialize in providing exceptional long distance moving services from South Florida to various states across the continental US. Whether you’re relocating from Fort Lauderdale to Asheville or Los Angeles, our experienced team is here to ensure a smooth transition for you. Our free quotes cover the necessary charges, including mileage, gas, tolls, loading, unloading, disassembly and reassembly, and space reservation.

    When it comes to estimating the cost of your long distance move, five main charges are taken into account: labor for loading and unloading, mileage(distance), fuel expenses, space reservation on the truck, and optional packing services if required.

    With our extensive experience and successful track record of serving clients throughout Florida and the US, you can trust us to handle your move with utmost care and professionalism. Contact us today for an accurate moving quote, detailed information, and the assurance of working with a licensed, insured, and top-rated long distance moving company.

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    7 Reasons to Hire a Mover for Your Next Relocation

    Top Notch Movers For Professional Mover The best way to ensure a smooth and stress-free move is to enlist the help of a professional mover, especially in Florida. There is a great deal more involved in relocating than merely boxing up your stuff and delivering them to your new location.

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