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    Packing Services

    Packing of moving boxes, packing materials and more

    Packing for a move involves preparation, supplies, a lot of patience, and time.  Packing services from Top Notch Movers can take the stress of preparation and packing from your shoulders.

    We work closely with every client of ours who asks us for help packing before the move. Finding the best option possible is key to a successful and affordable move. Some clients prefer just to buy quality moving supplies and pack themselves, while others will choose to hire us for a complete, full-service moving and packing job. In each case, it is our job to educate and help our clients to get their furniture and boxes packed up properly.

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    Packing Services by Top Notch Movers

    Here we will talk about the types of packing services we offer and what options you have when hiring a moving company to do the packing for you. Below, we also have some tips on how to pack and prepare for your move yourself. Read on!

    Types of packing services and why hiring a mover can simplify the process:

    • Packing of fragile items only: You are well prepared, packed your boxes, and your miscellaneous items. You just need someone to wrap your coffee table glass, china cabinet, or a very large picture.
    • Partial packing: Sometimes you won’t make it on time. Or you found a last-minute cabinet that is full of stuff. You need help with packing on the day of the move, last minute boxes. This is where movers are able to help with supplies always on hand. 
    • Full service packing: You’ve decided to let the moving company handle your preparation and packing completely. We will come with our own supplies and pack your house or apartment within one day. You won’t have to lift a finger.
    • Custom packing and crating: Some items can’t be boxed. Requiring wooden crates or custom materials to be handled properly. Large statues, marble tables, any larger size stone tops, or precious works of art. Movers can help protect your most valuable possessions.

    When hiring a mover you don’t have to buy supplies, provide labels, labor, or anything else. At Top Notch Movers we will happily take care of your packing needs. We have our own moving supplies and years of experience packing households and commercial properties to prepare them for a move.

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    • Avatar Maya Bendly ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Honestly the best moving experience I had to date! I work in the medical … More field so had a very tight time frame for moving from
      One place to the other. I was very skeptical at first that the moving company will be able to do it all in the time I had, but Top notch movers proved me wrong! 3 guys came in to my apartment they were so fast, efficient, and gentle with my items I was genuinely surprised. They were so respectful and communicated so well with both of the buildings (which can be challenging since my buildings were both in Sunny Isles and Aventura..) And all my furniture made it safely without any problems!
      Could not recommend this company more, if you’re contemplating whether or not to hire this company, think no further!
    • Avatar A Le Blanc ★★★★★ a week ago
      Ernesto, Charles, Isaac, Diego, and Javier are incredible hard working men. They moved me as … More quickly and safely as they could. They took good care of my furniture and other items. They kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you guys! May God bless you in your future endeavors!
    • Avatar Luis Morales ★★★★★ a week ago
      After many moves all around Florida, Chicago, and now Wisconsin, I have tried a lot of moving … More companies and have been ripped many times.
      This last move I contacted Top Notch Movers, and it was the best thing that could ever happen to me.
      The first call was a breeze. I was treated with so much courtesy I could never believe...
      The move day came, and they arrived on time.
      Cam and Janae were the best people I have ever known as movers. They treated me with courtesy and paid close attention to my instructions and suggestions. They both treated my belongings as if they were theirs.
      Top Notch Mover must be proud to have Cam and Janae on their staff since they stand for the values of the organization.
      Kuddos for Cam and Janae!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!!

    Pack and Move

    Organizing, sorting, and pre-packing for clients who choose to handle their own packing can be a time-consuming process, often taking several weeks. However, our expertise enables us to accomplish the same tasks in a matter of days, or even hours. If you require efficient and professional packing services, hiring a mover is the ideal solution.

    How long it takes to pack?

    For movers, the average time to pack a 1 bedroom apartment that has an average amount of items will take about 5-6 hours. Every bedroom over will take another 2-3 hours. So you can expect a 3 bedroom house to be packed within a day.

    Packing households

    Packing services are a vital part of every moving company's offering. We understand the importance of properly packed boxes and furniture. Professionally packed household goods are protected better, thus reducing the possibility of damages.
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    Packing and Moving Services

    In 2009, upon launching our moving company, we experienced a significant influx of requests from clients seeking assistance with packing for their upcoming moves. It was this high demand that prompted us to introduce a range of packing services, enabling us to cater to our client’s needs and support them in efficiently packing their homes.

    The demand for packing services is consistently high, with nearly every move we handle involving some form of packing. While full packing services may not be commonly utilized by the majority of our clients, partial packing and the packing of delicate items have emerged as extremely popular options.

    • Full Packing Services: we bring our own high-quality moving supplies, and pack, organize, and mark boxes and furniture.
    • Partial Packing Services: Top Notch Movers brings or customer provides packing materials, and we only pack a set amount of boxes or furniture that we agree on with a client.
    • Packing of delicate, fragile furniture: this service is offered to clients with antique furniture, furniture that has glass doors, inserts, and shelving. Stone tops and anything breakable that will need more protection than simply packing with the moving pad.

    We also offer custom packing plans for each individual move. Our team of experts will happily evaluate your needs and offer a comprehensive packing quote. 

    We do it all, packing paintings, pictures, wall art, statues, custom-built furniture, and more. 

    Should you pack on your own or use a moving company?

    Packing on your own can be a viable option when there is only a need for packing boxes. Clothing, kitchen, miscellaneous electronics, and items that are moved regularly can be packed by the client in advance without the help of a moving company. It is a great way of saving money and having complete control over how you want your items packed and organized.

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget and needs. As each individual move is unique. Even if you are not done with the packing on the day of the move, we at Top Notch Movers are always ready to help with materials available on all of our trucks. Help is only a call away!

    Shelving with packing materials for moves

    The True Cost of Packing Services

    Determining the precise cost of packing your own home can be challenging and uncertain. However, moving companies possess the expertise to estimate the expenses associated with hiring professional packers. We are well-versed in the average costs of essential packing materials such as boxes, tape, paper, and other supplies, allowing us to provide you with a clearer understanding of your future planning needs.

    The cost of full packing services that are offered by Top Notch Movers is usually determined by the size of the job. Generally, we will require an in-home visit prior to being able to offer you a quote for a full pack. Considering that our estimators need to see everything that you would like to be packed and moved. 

    The average cost of full packing services will be around $1.50/cu. ft. (complete inventory of items, including the furniture and estimated boxes). 

    For example, if you have 2 dressers, 1 bed, 1 sofa, 10 medium boxes, 5 large boxes, and a wardrobe to be packed, you know that the volume of the job is 320 cu. ft. more or less. So the packing part for the job will cost you  320 times $1.50, which equals $480. That is the cost of the full packing services.

    Partial packing depends solely on the requirements of the client and their need to pack certain items in boxes. With partial packing, you have the option of asking movers to pack boxes on an individual basis. For example, if you just need 5 – 6 boxes to be packed by the moving company, the rest of them will be packed by you. 

    Movers will provide moving supplies and pack the boxes for you. You can expect to pay around $10 – $30 per box, depending on the size sm/m/lg/xlg or wardrobe, and materials needed to pack it, bubble wrap/paper/etc.

    The average amount spent on packing 20 boxes will be around $400.

    Proper packing of fragile items can be an important step towards a safe and stressless move. There are plenty of furniture pieces that better be packed by professionals. Here are the examples of items that you might want the moving company to pack for you: 

      • China Cabinets, Curio Cabinets, Glass Displays
      • Buffets, Coffee Tables, End Tables, and Sofa Tables with stone or glass tops.
      • Grandfather clock, grandmother clock, antique furniture. 
      • Large TVs, and electronics that won’t fit into the box. Peloton.

    There are plenty of other items, pictures, paintings, artwork of all sorts, and custom-built furniture. All of these items are better packed by the movers who moved them before and know how to handle the packing of such, delicate items.

    Please note that the prices for packing services are subject to change. Similar to other services provided by Top Notch Movers or any reputable moving company, the cost is influenced by factors such as the number of materials required, availability, and the amount of labor needed. However, having knowledge of the prices can give you a better idea of what to anticipate when requesting a quote. Our team of experienced packers and movers can assist you in determining a cost that is specifically tailored to your upcoming relocation.

    Feel free to give us a call, and we assure you that our services will be affordably priced. We prioritize the use of top-notch materials to safeguard your valuable possessions, ensuring that the packing services we provide maintain a high standard of quality.

    You can get an idea of how much the packing will cost you by simply submitting some information in our calculator. It only takes a few minutes, and you will get a ballpark estimate without having to commit to service.

    Packing Services: Price

    There are so many factors that affect the calculation of cost when it comes to the price of packing services. Cost of materials, amount of labor required, and accessibility of the household at any given point. Our moving experts will be happy to offer you an accurate quote for your packing needs. Get in touch with us today!

    Average cost of packing services

    The amount billed varies greatly. From $500 to $5000 to pack the same size of house. However, the average cost for packing services between all jobs will be $1200 - $2800 range. That is the charge for full packing services, we provide packing materials and packing.

    Packing Materials

    One of the reasons that packing services costs are relatively high is the cost of packing materials. Even if ordered in large quantities, moving companies will have to allocate 65-70% of the quoted budget on the job solely to purchase necessary packing materials.
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    Packing supplies

    Using quality moving supplies can make a great difference during your move. Heavy-duty boxes can withstand more weight, can be loaded, stacked, and transported easier by the mover, that alone will save you time and money in the long run. Would you like to know where to get quality moving supplies?


    Tape is used by movers and clients to secure boxes, and furniture, and ensure that everything stays in place at all times during transportation. The good tape will not tear, rip, and withstand higher temperatures.

    20-40 Rolls

    That's the average amount of tape used on smaller to a medium size moves. Tape is a great solution to hold moving pads in place on furniture. Each piece of furniture packed will require at least 1 roll of moving tape to be used.
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    Large box for moving with Top Notch Movers signage on it

    Packing supplies for your move

    For moves, various packing supplies are utilized, and you may wonder where to obtain them. As a moving company, we source our own supplies by placing bulk orders with renowned manufacturers worldwide. Rest assured, we procure high-quality boxes, tape, moving pads, paper, and an array of other essential materials needed for packing purposes.

    If you’re not a moving company but still looking for reliable sources to purchase quality moving supplies, here are a few recommendations:

    1. Home improvement stores: Visit your local home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Ace Hardware. They typically have a dedicated section for moving and packing supplies, offering a range of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and more.

    2. Office supply stores: Stores like Staples or Office Depot often carry packing materials suitable for moving, including sturdy boxes, packing tape, markers, and protective packaging.

    3. Online retailers: Explore popular online marketplaces like Amazon, U-Haul, or Walmart’s online store. They have extensive selections of moving supplies available for purchase, allowing you to conveniently browse and order from the comfort of your home.

    4. Specialty packing supply stores: Some cities have specialty stores that focus specifically on packing and moving supplies. These stores may offer a wide variety of boxes, cushioning materials, and specialized moving equipment.

    Remember to compare prices, read customer reviews, and consider the specific requirements of your move when selecting your moving supplies.

    To ensure a smooth and successful move, certain essential supplies are required regardless of whether it’s a local or long-distance relocation. Here’s a comprehensive list of supplies every move will typically need:

    1. Moving tape: This sturdy tape is used to secure boxes and provide reinforcement during transportation.

    2. Moving pads: These protective pads help safeguard furniture and other delicate items from scratches and damage during transit.

    3. Boxes of various sizes: Medium, large, and small boxes are essential for packing and organizing your belongings. They accommodate different types of items, ensuring efficient packing.

    4. Packing paper: Used for wrapping and protecting fragile items, packing paper provides cushioning to prevent breakage.

    5. Bubble wrap: This material offers extra protection for delicate and valuable possessions, such as glassware, electronics, and other fragile items.

    6. TV and artwork boxes: Specifically designed boxes to secure and protect flat-screen TVs and artwork during the move.

    7. Plastic covers for beds: These covers shield your mattresses and box springs from dust, dirt, and potential damage during transportation.

    Additionally, you may require specific packing supplies for items such as plants, fragile statues, or other delicate possessions. These specialized supplies can be obtained from packing suppliers and should be used as directed to ensure proper protection.

    By acquiring these necessary supplies, you can ensure your belongings are adequately packed and safeguarded during the moving process.

    Packing services, large box opened

    Professional packing services

    Without a doubt, packing services offered by Top Notch Movers can ease your headache, speed up the process of packing, and reduce the time needed for the preparation. 

    The cost of packing services however might not be for everyone. But this is an exact reason why we offer different levels of packing help

    • Full packing Services
    • Partial Packing Services
    • Fragile Packing 
    • Packing materials for sale

    This allows our clients to pick what fits best for their needs and budget. At Top Notch Movers our job is to make sure that your move will be handled by the professionals in the most efficient way possible. Packing services are offered to move you quicker, safer, and in a more efficient way.

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