Ten Tips for Moving in Florida, and out of Florida by Top Notch Movers

So you’re moving…how exciting! It’s all fun and games until you realize how much work there is to do. The “new place” part is enjoyable…a new view, a new vibe…all great stuff but what about all that work that goes into moving? All the packing, organizing, and schlepping? Here are a few tips for moving in Florida that will make your life easier while also making your Fort Lauderdale move more enjoyable.

Tips for Moving in Florida

1. Pack Items You’ll Need First in a Clear Plastic Container

This is a great moving practice to adopt. Lots of times when moving, things are misplaced and/or lost. You’ll need things like phone chargers, bo cutters, paper towels, your (new house!) keys, and things of the like. The clear bin also separates itself from the cardboard boxes so it’s easy to spot anywhere in the room while making your move.

2. Wrap your fragile items in clothing and/or sheets to save on bubble wrap (clean socks are also a great idea)

When moving, there are lots of little costs and expenses that you may not necessarily think of (bubble wrap is one of them!) – In order to save on the cost of purchasing wrapping supplies, you can wrap all your valuables in clothing, sheets, and other heavy-duty fabrics you may have available during packing.

3. Besides writing what items are in your boxes, label them with which room they’re going into

Often overlooked, it’s the unpacking that’s half the work. If you’re working with Top Notch, our Fort Lauderdale movers can assist you with unpacking in an organized and professional way. If you’re unpacking your move on your own, it will serve you well to write a general idea of items in your box, as well as what room they’ll be going into (ie: kitchen, master bedroom, etc.) This will save you time either way – if you’re moving, you’ll immediately know which room to place your boxes in. If our Fort Lauderdale movers are moving your home or business, it will be easier for them to know without waiting for you or your spouse what boxes go where. This cuts down on time and is beneficial to your move.

4. Use the color coding system

When you arrive in your new home after moving, use the color coding system to unpack by ROOM. This will make your Fort Lauderdale move more manageable. Remember to labels the SIDES of your boxes, and not the tops. This way you’ll be able to identify them without having the next box cover your title or color code.

5. Pre-clean the kitchen and bathroom in your new location

If you’re moving, you’ll probably be physically exhausted by the end of the day and will just want to get a bite to eat, shower, and go to sleep. By cleaning your kitchen and bathroom before you move in, you’ll have saved timed and effort after your move and you’ll be able to to do just that – get a bite to eat, shower, and go to sleep so you can wake up refreshed in your new home.

6. Cover your toiletries with saran wrap and then replace the cap

“If I put all my shampoos and lotions in a box, will it get all over everything?” – it’s a common worry that most people have and has an easy fix (woohoo for good ideas!). Simply remove the caps of your hair products and other creams, wrap them with saran wrap (you can tie or use a rubber band to seal) and cover them back up with their original covers. The extra layer should protect you from spills during your move.

7. Pack plates vertically, like old records

A common error is placing your plates on top of each other. Many people who are moving make this very common mistake. Instead of placing your plates one on top of the other when packing them for your move, place them – individually wrapped, in a vertical position. This will protect them from breakage in the process of your move.

8. Buy a roll of stretch wrap

Protect your furniture from scuffs and scratches by using a large roll of stretch wrap. Stretch wrap works in the same way as Press N’ Seal, just on a larger scale. You can group your moving items, like boxes or furniture with ease.

9. Keep sandwich bags handy

So there’s lots of little nuts and bolts going on in your home. When making a move, those nuts and bolts will make themselves known. Keep sandwich bags handy to place all those little pieces in so you won’t lose them.

10. Cut down on boxes by using all baskets, suitcases, and laundry hampers as packing materials

All those baskets and suitcases have to move anyway. Make sure to utilize them and be effective in your space usage. By using hampers, suitcases, and baskets, you’ll minimize the number of boxes you need for your Florida move.

More Tips on choosing the right moving company here. You can choose Top Notch Movers and skip the hustle, contact us today!


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