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What are Specialty Moves?

Specialty moving is any moving process that is abnormal from the typical moving services we would offer. These are moves involving products and or services that would require a surcharge. Either due to inherent risk to either the product or the movers themselves. Because of this, we have created this blog that will itemize the types of specialty moves. We will explain why there are inherently risky and what we do to ensure the move is taken out appropriately.

Safe Moving Companies

Safe Moving is when we are charged with escorting a safe from one place to the other. Why it’s Risky – safes are risky for both your belongings and our movers. Safes are bulky and heavy, and thus they could potentially do harm to one of our movers. Additionally, depending on the contents of the safe, it has a high potential for damage to personal property. Which is a risk we must also assess for?

What do we do to make it safe – Our primary way of moving safes depends on the size. We typically employ a three-person system involving two movers and a dolly operator. We wrap it up in protective garments such as blankets and towels and make efforts to utilize the smallest amount of error during our moving process.

Hot Tub Moving Service

Hot Tub Moving is when we disconnect and move your hot tub for your to a new location. However, we are not responsible for installing a hot tub, merely relocating to the new location. Why it’s Risky – This is very risky for our movers. For the most part, the hot tub will be well wrapped and easy to ensure no bumps happen to it. However, the hot tub is very bulky and heavy. This adds a lot of strain to the movers.

What we do to make it safe – Our Hot tub moving service can be a little tricky, luckily, what we do is incorporate our movers into utilizing back belts and levies. This equalizes the weight distribution between our movers at all time. Additionally, we zip tie and duct tape the wires and hoses to ensure there are no hazards on the move.

Gun Safe Movers

When people own firearms and want to move them, they have to be transported in a gun safe depending on the local laws. We can move these gun safes for you. Why it’s Risky – They’re firearms. If it’s hard to explain why firearms are dangerous, then you might need to read a newspaper. Additionally, you have to deal with safes which are heavy and bulky.

How to move Gun Safe – One of the first steps we take is to make sure the guns are as safe as possible. We zip tie the triggers and make sure the guns are empty. From there we proceed how we would normally move a safe then. The easiest way of doing so will be to use the dolly system and the blankets and covers.

Piano Movers

Pianos are some of the most common specialty moves on the market. With that in mind, it is still innately difficult because of their oblong shapes and heavy size. Why it’s Risky – It’s risky because pianos are very heavy. While some have rollers that make the job a little bit easier, they are still bulky and large objects that can injure people.

What we do to make it safe – Besides wrapping and covering the angles to ensure no damage is done to the pianos. We always use coordination, eye contact, and clear communication to move pianos. It’s all about managing breaks and reasonable expectations with moving processes.

Arts and Antique Moving

Arts and Antiques are risky and require an extra bit of effort. These are all about risk mitigation and ensuring the move is as successful as possible. Why it’s Risky – Art means something to people and antiques are old for a reason. When our movers are responsible for moving any of these. It completely slows down the process of the move to ensure no unnecessarily risky moves happen.

What we do to make it safe – Extensively wrapping our belongings is the biggest step we take to ensure the move is done easily. From there it’s about isolation and protection. Art will never be put next to things that can potentially damage them because the risk is too high.

Storage Moving

Storage moving is probably the least risky process on this list. This is when someone wants to begin the moving process, but the house isn’t available. So they will move their belongings to storage to access them later.

These can be anything from clutter to valuable objects. Why it’s Risky – The risk here is that there could be a ton of objects that are very valuable. Additionally, moves to storage often count as half days of work.

It means that if we don’t double book with another half day work, the movers won’t be fully working for that day. Therefore we miss out on a potential full day of work.

What we do to make it safe – For the most part, we do our routine moving process and work to set up storage move dates to overlap to ensure that our customers are satisfied and our movers are taken care of.

Bulk Pickup and Furniture Removal

Bulk Pickup and furniture removal are often done when people are doing large-scale renovations and want to get rid of a lot of stuff. What will usually happen is that your cities zoning creates problems with long-term curbside trash.

So we can come to pick up your bulky items to throw away. Why it’s risky – It’s another half-day task that will often end up costing the business the profits of a full-day. Additionally, the furniture we are usually getting rid of has decayed and aged which makes it possible to jam your finger and/or be stabbed or poked by a loose nail.

How we effectively remove your furniture – The process is usually pretty simple. You set up the time and date and pay in advance, and we will be there to take the belongings. IF you want us to touch base, we can contact you. Otherwise, it’s common for us to pick up the stuff and leave promptly.

Top Notch Movers

Top Notch Movers is a professional and experienced moving company, and we have your back. As Fort Lauderdale piano movers, we love offering our clients exceptional customer service.

Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and if you are not satisfied, neither are we. Call us today for a free estimate and quote!

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