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Whether you put it off for too long or it’s a sudden forced move with only 3 days to spare it seems an impossible task to move in 3 days. However, it is possible to get it done and with our guide, we can help you make this highly stressful move achievable. If you’re looking for an even faster solution you can higher us to take care of the packing, loading, and the actual moving as it is our specialty. 
First things first…. Stop and breathe a little. Ok, now that that’s done it’s time to start getting on this move. Here are the things if we were in your shoes that we would do in order to make sure we get done with this move on time.

Start immediately
Duh, right? As humans we commonly when faced with something overwhelming like this continue to procrastinate or shut down and say that it’s not possible. It’s time to accept the situation, brace yourself, and buckle down so you can get this done. Your timeline is already against you so let’s initiate the packing process, without procrastination or delays.



Create a packing timeline

You know the old adage failing to plan is planning to fail? Well, here we are and with how overwhelming you’re feeling it may be difficult to believe but taking some time to create a packing schedule will actually save you a lot of time in the long run. Instead of just randomly throwing things in boxes you’ll have a plan to refer to so that you can stay as focused and on schedule as possible.
With so much to do one of the biggest tips we can give is to concentrate on one task at a time, and keep track of your progress. Here are some more ways to stay on time with your timeline:
  • Divide up the number of rooms you have to pack over the remaining days
  • Set an appropriate timeline for the completion of each room/task
  • Start with your most difficult rooms first as the others will go faster
  • Break each main objective into smaller packing goals– so instead of pack the kitchen try
    • Pack the dishes, 
    • Packing the pantry
    • Pack appliances

Get packing materials

It’s a pretty well-known secret that you can often get moving boxes for free from a local business or on sites like Facebook or Craigslist from other people who have recently moved. However, when you only have a short time before you need to actually move it may not be the best idea to run all over town searching for or picking up free moving boxes. Each moment you spend doing something other than packing is more time you’re adding on to your actual move. 


We strongly advise that you purchase brand new moving boxes and quality packing supplies (bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, etc.) from your chosen moving company or other places like UHaul that has packing supplies. This will save you time and get you back to packing as quickly as possible.
Narrow down what and what not to pack
The amount of items you have directly correlates to how much time is required to move them – the fewer items you decide to relocate, the less time it will take to prepare them for moving. So, it makes sense that to pack the house quickly, you need to reduce the number of items you have to pack – in theory, it sounds simple.
Go through as many possessions as you can and assess whether it’s something you need to keep or not. Separate your belongings into three different piles 
  • Take- These items you will pack
  • Give away- You can even list these as free and stick them on the lawn
  • Throw away- If you can find an available dumpster somewhere even better 
In a normal move, you would have a sell pile but with the limited time, you won’t have time to organize a garage sale or the ability to list items online. 

Get friends and family to help you

Recruit hard and fast all your friends and family – every hand recruited will save you several hours of hard work when packing. As an added benefit of recruiting friends and family, you’ll have the opportunity to spend more time together before the move. Your need to pack quickly may even turn into a fun event with good music, new inside jokes, and packing games to make things go faster.
Keep the essentials aside
It is important to keep aside the essentials before you start packing and don’t let them mix with the things that need to be packed. This mainly includes the items that you need until moving day – things like toothbrush, microwave, silverware, or other items. This can complicate your moving day because if you pack these items and then need them while traveling it will make them that much more difficult to find. 


The final secret tip 
Ok, it isn’t much of a secret but the thing we recommend the most is if you are in a pinch to get a move done in such a short time like 3 days or less hire a mover who can help you get this done on time and in an organized fashion. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently help homeowners pack, load, and move their possessions in a quick and timely manner. If you need a quote on your move contact us here and let us know how it is we can help. Our services include:
  • Packing Materials and boxes– We have everything you need for an upcoming move
  • Actual packing– We can do the hard part for you. Get expertly packed items that will be safe and insured during your move
  • Local move– Moving in town or just to a neighboring town, we got you!
  • Long-distance move– Need to move across the country we can help you with this as well
  • Move to storage– Need to move but have nowhere to go yet? We can help you pack your items and store them while you look for somewhere to go. 
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