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Moving in Florida can be an exciting endeavor. Regardless of if you already have been living here or if you are just beginning to move here, it’s a great experience for everyone involved.

A new area, a new you, a new place to discover and call your home. When it comes to moving, However, we are always faced with two primary questions, where should we be moving and is there anything that we should be looking out for?

Well, to keep the answer short, we advocate for South Florida. Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa are all great choices as well, but South Florida is the most unique place in Florida.

Next, when you are moving down here you need to keep track of two primary things, weather, and traffic. Both will ruin your day.

Where you should be moving in Florida

Check out Palm Beach – Palm Beach County is a great place to move, for the most part, it is safer from weather problems that affect Miami-Dade and even Broward County.

Looking to move? Call us, stop by and let us share our Florida experience.

Visit Broward – Broward County is truly the middle ground between Palm Beach and Miami-dade. Not only is it so spread out that it touches both counties, but it also touches the Everglades and the ocean in the same terrain.

Stop by in Miami-Dade – This place is one of the most expensive, heavily packed regions in America. But it is a nonstop walking distance to the beach, it is home to amazing businesses and job opportunities. Miami-Dade County is one of the hidden gems of South Florida.

Drive by Duval – Honorary mention goes to Jacksonville. It was hit pretty hard on this last hurricane but it is a moderate enough size that it remains homey and friendly while also boasting industry and their own football team.

What you should be watching out for

Rain and Lightning – The first thing you need to look out for is Rain and Lightning. IN 2016, there were 9 fatalities from lightning strikes. Rain and lightning are serious problems that affect everyone.

Not only is lightning a very real threat in Florida, but the road rage and traffic hazards aid into that problem.

Traffic Times – Begin by avoiding traffic. You don’t want to bug people on the road. You don’t want to get caught in the rain or heavy traffic if you can. 1,600 people died in traffic accidents in Florida last year. This is not a joke, you need to drive carefully and safely and avoid bugging irate people.

Heat – The heat, speaking about being irate. Stay out of the direct sun. Florida is the hottest and most humid country in Florida with several cities reaching a heat index of +104. Objectively, Miami had 46 days of 90-degree weather. It is a persistent threat to many Floridians. Moving in Florida in such heat can be difficult. Grab few packs of water and a towel, or hire a moving company.

Top Notch Movers Inc.

Moving is serious business. It’s our business as well. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to be a successful moving company in South Florida, just read this guide. We are safe, we are dependable, and we are hard working. If you would like to learn more about our company or our going rates, give us a call today!

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