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There are a lot of specialty moving services that we provide. For the most part, they require special rates mainly because we have to protect our workers and our company. IF you have a piano that needs to be moved, we’re not going to charge the same as it would be to move a box of children’s toys.

That doesn’t make sense. The same thing goes for valuable art. If we scratch a priceless painting, why should we treat it the same as a box of old clothes?

For the most part, specialty moving is an important value for many people. But often we receive the questions from our customers. When it comes to specialty moving, should I just do it myself?

Well, I suppose it’s up to you. But let’s give a couple of side by side examples of what you get when you hire our specialty movers versus the conventional mover and how they treat valuables.

Specialty Moving Services

Art Moving – When it comes to precious art, we provide specialty boxes with custom wrapping to ensure there is no visible damage (i.e. sunlight or scratches) that can happen directly to the art.

When it is fully wrapped up, it is part of a separate move so that we can individually manage the precious objects.

Piano Moving – Piano moving requires two-four people depending on the size of the piano. We have a consistent technique where we wrap the outward edges, close and seal the piano, and protect the legs as much as possible.

From there, we map out how we will move it onto the truck and follow the five-foot rule. Every five feet we stop and assess the situation before continuing to move. We check in with each other to make sure we’re ready when we move an additional five feet.

Move to Storage – When you are moving to storage, the most common thing that happens is people don’t manage the storage unit. Often they will simply throw everything in there without actually managing it. When we get there, we take the time to manage the belongings to save space and keep the most frequently sought-after items in the front for easy access.

Furniture Removal – When you have an old, giant piece of furniture that you just want to get out of the way as much as possible, you should call the professionals.

Firstly, we haul it away and get rid of it for you, so as soon as it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, plus you don’t have to worry about lifting a finger.

DIY instead?

Art Moving – When most people do art moving, they will typically place them all together or simply delicately put it in a box, as if placing it in a box safely means it will stay that way. Often it will grab scrapes and sun damage in transit due to poor packaging.

Piano Moving – We aren’t even going to get into piano moving. Are you going to convince 2-3 people that you need help moving a piano? Can you trust that these amateurs will look after your piano over anything else?

Move to Storage – When people are moving to storage, they will often poorly pack or inappropriately package their belongings so that the storage is a mess and the move is difficult. Plus it will take much longer than using professional movers.

Furniture Removal – When you remove furniture, you are often going to curb it for passersby or craigslist to take. This is all well and good, but did you know that there are size specifications for what you can curb and there are city based specifications for its size?

If your belongings aren’t taken by bulk pick up day, then it is possible to receive a fine from the city if it is on the curb for up to two days. The longer it waits, the less likely it will be taken.

Top Notch Movers

Of course, you can completely skip these steps if you call us at Top Notch. We aren’t trying to knock DIY projects. That’s how we got our start. But we’ve got years of experience and established, working systems that make our moves the best in Florida. Give us a call today, the rates may surprise you, and once you use a moving service, you never go back!

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