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It is quite easy to say that Top Notch Moving Company is really the best at what it does and provides its clients. We are members of the Better Business Bureau. However, would you take our word for it? Anyone can tell you they are the best.

Have you encountered someone or a business entity who told you their products and services are no good? Of course, they will always tell you that they are the best at what they do.

Any business can show you figures about their customer base or even show you pictures of their previous projects. You know how easy it is to obtain pictures from the internet. You can always apply some Photoshop tweaks.

The point is that there should be a more trustworthy source of the actual quality of products and services. And this is none truer than with moving companies also. So where or who do you turn to?

Put Your Trust On Movers That Are Listed With The Better Business Bureau

Start with trust. This is the motto of the non-profit organization Better Business Bureau. It has been providing consumers all over the United States and Canada the kind of consumer protection that they need.

The BBB, as Better Business Bureau is fondly called, has been around for more than a century. Having been established in 1912 policing the ranks of the different industry establishments of both the United States and Canada.

BBB serves as the industry’s self-regulatory body to make sure that member organizations strictly adhere to the standards. Honest and truthful advertising, optimum customer privacy and confidentiality safeguards, and material facts disclosure to clients.

This helps ensure that when you choose a moving company that is listed with the Better Business Bureau. At the very least you can be assured of its quality products and services. This means that our great moving company is indeed the best in the business because of its honesty and fairness.

Getting accredited by BBB is not an easy thing to do.

Moving companies, as well as other businesses, must have an initial BBB rating of B or even higher. The local BBB will look into the application for accreditation and seriously consider several factors.

These factors can include the age of the business and the reputation of the business. Sometimes even the number of customer complaints the business have had in the entire course of its lifespan.

In each of the complaints, the local BBB board will also have to take a look at how these customer complaints. Were handled and whether they adhere to the fundamentals of conflict resolutions. Additionally, the local BBB will also have to look at and closely examine the company’s website, especially it’s advertising, marketing, and promotions activities.

Here, the local BBB will try to determine if the company is being honest and transparent in all of its marketing and advertising activities.

If the business gets accredited by the BBB, it needs to make a vow to adhere to the Standards of Trust of the BBB. These include building trust and embodying integrity.

These are sure signs that you can trust a moving company that is duly accredited by the Better Business Bureau such as we are. Call us today for a free moving quote

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