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Florida movers, looking for the best ones? Top Notch Movers here to help. But, before that. Let us tell you a bit more about Palm Beach.

Despite the beach in its name, the city of West Palm Beach cannot really boast of hundreds of miles of pristine beaches despite sitting on the calm shores of the Intracoastal Highway.

However, that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t have any beaches. It does have a gorgeous beach and it’s definitely enough for beachgoers. However, to really enjoy West Palm Beach is to enjoy its cultural heritage.

With museums and institutions dedicated to the arts, West Palm Beach is a haven for art and culture aficionados.

Nonetheless, here are 5 exciting things that Florida movers recommend to do in West Palm Beach today:

West Palm Beach Offers Lots Of Fun and Excitement

Get Close with the Wild at McCarthy’s

If you really want to be up close with animals in the wild, McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary provides the best experience. McCarthy’s has removed the wild from its animals to enable to be less threatening to visitors.

While you don’t get to touch and pet the big cats, they are nonetheless a lot closer compared to animals in a zoo. These animals are close that you can somehow feel the warmth of their breath on your face.

Visit the Norton Museum of Art

Opened in 1941, the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach’s premiere art museum that boasts of more than 5,000 pieces of art, masterfully categorized by geography.

Marvel at the 19th to 20th-century paintings of great American artists or try to visualize the art of sculpturing with the jade and bronze statues from China. The Norton Museum also has some of the best works of Picasso, Pollock, and Monet.

Shop, Dine, and Go Clubbing on Clematis Street

For shoppers, diners, and even clubbers, West Palm Beach’s historic heart, Clematis Street is simply the place to be.

With hip restaurants and exciting bars interspersed with chic retail shops, Clematis Street is a haven for those who enjoy good food, good music, and good buys.

Thursday evenings treat visitors with live music performances at the Centennial Square, perfect to start off an evening of pure fun and pleasure in the different nightclubs that dot the area.

Florida movers suggest, cruise on segway!

If you want to visit West Palm Beach in its entirety, why not book a Segway Tour? You get to enjoy West Palm Beach’s beautiful scenery as well as breath-taking and incredible landmarks cruising on a self-balancing mobile transporter marvel, the Segway.

Be One with Nature in Okeeheelee

If you enjoy hiking, running, jogging, or even biking, or anything under the warm South Florida sun, the Okeeheelee Park is the place to go. It has 8 miles of bicycle paths, 9 miles of equestrian trail, 1.2 miles of nature trails, and 8 miles of hiking or walking paths all in the 90 acres of sprawling woods and wetlands.

You can go water skiing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. You can bring your dog and have him enjoy himself at the Pooch Pines.

It has three 9-hole golf courses, an exercise course, picnic areas, softball fields, tennis courts, volleyball grass courts, and children’s playground.

It has a visitor center where you can get your souvenirs while getting up close with some animals.

West Palm Beach has plenty of attractions that offer a lot of things to do for all types of visitors. Ask Florida movers to relocate you there today!

Of course, there is always a beach to go to after all of these. Whether you are moving around South Florida or moving to West Palm Beach, give us a call today at Top Notch Movers, Florida movers for a free quote!

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