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You have been planning your move for a long time and your move day has finally arrived. You are worried about moving day because you know that so many things can go wrong, especially a bad move. To your surprise, the move is flawless; the movers do their jobs quickly, and none of your possessions are damaged. At the end of the day, you are relieved that the movers did an excellent job and had to think to yourself when you are paying your bill, “is tipping movers necessary?” There are a lot of people that are unsure what to do when it comes to this question, and with everything going on at the time, it is easy to forget.

Tipping Movers is Expected

Just like all other service industry job, tipping movers is expected when the movers do an exceptional job; it is tipping etiquette.

You can give a tip based on how you felt about the experience. Also seeing how the workers communicated with each other, which is a sign that they are trying their hardest.

Are the workers making sure that all of your furniture is not damaged? Are the workers breaking a sweat getting things into and out of the truck?

These are the little things that show whether or not the moving company is putting in enough effort. If it seems like the movers are making the best effort and getting the job done efficiently, they deserve a tip.

According to Tipping Etiquette, How Much Should I Give?

Waiters and waxers usually receive a tip based on the percentage of the total of the bill. Usually, the industry standard is giving each of the movers their own chunk of change based on how long the job took and how difficult the job was.

For five hours of work, $20 per mover should be enough or $100 per mover for a twelve-hour move is also reasonable. Proper tipping etiquette would be between four to eight dollars for each hour worked per mover.

The best thing to do when tipping movers are just to go with your gut; you do not have to think too hard.

Do Not Worry About the Cash

Trying to distribute money evenly between a team of five or six movers can be time-consuming. Save a headache and give the crew leader the total that you want to tip. Then, the crew leader will distribute the tips evenly.

If you feel like one member of the team did an exceptional job, and you want to tip that individual a greater amount, let the team leader know. The lead will make sure that the outstanding individual will be compensated correctly.

The Tip Does Not Have to be Money

Nothing in the tipping etiquette rulebook states that a tip has to be a dollar amount.

The last time you had some of your friends help you out with your move, you did not give them money, you bought them some pizza and beer, and they were fine with that.

Movers are the same way.

You can buy them food, and they will be happy with that. Maybe beer is not the best option because after all, they are taking care of your possessions.

Tipping movers do not have to be so complicated; a nice slice of pizza or some sandwiches can do just as much good as a dollar amount.

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