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How to lift boxes?

Lifting boxes are the principal activity that people do when they’re moving. During the day and in the moment it can seem like you’re doing everything right. However, I have met far too many people who will do long-term, severe damage to their back because they’re not thinking about it. While you may learn how to lift properly during physical education in high school, it is often lost and often improper for lifting boxes.

Top Notch Movers recommends hiring movers because while money can seem like a sound investment, your wellbeing is more important. With an average of 80% of Americans reports having back pain throughout the year, it’s no wonder why this is such a legitimate problem. Because of this, Top Notch has created this handy guide to ensure you are never injured while moving.

How to Lift Boxes

There are Four easy steps to lifting boxes. Assess, Position, Tilt, Lift.

Assess the Box – The first step is always to evaluate the box. We may be professional movers, but we don’t recommend anyone lift boxes that weigh over fifty pounds. There’s no reason why anyone, especially people who are not very physically active, to lift above your weight with something as dynamic as a box.

You will also need to watch out for movability and positioning of your hands. The placement of your hands is just as important as the utilization of your legs.

Position yourself with the Box – You want to enter a robotic like positioning. Place your feet near the box with your shoulders over your feet, which are both facing forward. Keep your back straight and your head facing forwards.

Tilt the box – Bend over, keeping your back straight and place your hands in a comfortable position for the box. From there tilt the box in any direction. Feel your body, if there’s any soreness or strain, make sure to either stretch, take a rest, or stop for the day.

You’re tilting the box to both assess the boxes weight and evaluate your body.

Lift the Box – Slowly. Keep your back straight and push up with your legs. Your keeping your back straight and doing nothing more than positioning it with those muscles. The legs are how you’re lifting it, and the back is how you’re keeping it level and straight. Never overstep when you’re moving and always maintain the object as close to your body as possible.

Alternatives for your Back, how to lift boxes with the help

There are several tools on the market to help you move, especially with a partner. The three that we are going to shine a light on today are the back belt, the shoulder dolly, and the good ol’ handcart.

Back Belt – The back belt is best known because it provides lumbar and lowers back support. This is a great way to ensure that your back stays secure because the whole structure is designed to keep your back straight. This acts similarly to a corset by the fabric inhibits movements that could damage your lower back.

The Shoulder Dolly – If you want to ensure that both you and your partner are incapable of hurting one another, invest in the shoulder dolly. The shoulder dolly is a vest that tethers two people together, by latching their supports to the bottom of a heavy object, they are in unison with one another. One cannot move without the other, and it’s a great way to equally disperse weight by their body and not by their arms.

The Hand Cart – The handcart is one of our favorite tools because if you’re smart, you can never hurt yourself at all. The handcart works by tilting the object and wedging the weight onto this surface. The structure of the handcart will disperse the weight and make it much easier to transport heavier objects with ease. If you are using a tilt handcart, I highly recommend never using your arms but instead leveraging your weight for the object to move.

Top Notch Movers Inc

Top Notch has been doing all of the heavy liftings for several years. If there’s anyone who you can consider the experts on how to lift boxes, we’re the ones to contact. If you or a loved one would ever like to skip this step entirely and hire us to be your local or long-distance movers; please give us a call today at (954) 256-8111!

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