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Top Notch Movers for distinctive moving services

Top Notch Movers is one of the leading companies in moving services in Fort Lauderdale and also in South Florida as a whole.

Top Notch Movers is a consumer services company. It is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Henry Segal established the company in 2009. Initially, the company provided local and residential moving services in the Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties. Having proved its competence in this area, it expanded its activities. So, in 2011, it was licensed to work as a long-distance moving company.

The company opened a new office in Lauderhill in 2013 and added storage service to its activities. And to be able to provide this service to the fullest, the company has set up warehouses to store customer property.


Why should you choose our company to do a moving service for you?

Because Top Notch Movers has more than 9 years’ experience in the field. As is well known, the process of moving individuals, furniture and businesses take a lot of time and effort. We know that most people do not have enough time to make a precise plan for their moving process, so we do this for you as a proficient moving company. We make the right plans for you and your schedule.

First, we are a licensed and insured company in Fort Lauderdale. Second, all our movers are experienced and have the appropriate training to carry out their duties. Additionally, we are ready to move houses of any size to local or long-distance sites.

In addition, our company packages the furniture with pads to keep it from breaking or getting damaged. And do not worry about the big pieces! Our movers disassemble and reassemble them for you. There is no doubt that we have all the necessary equipment for the moving process. We have large trucks that can move large equipment as well. Overall, we provide a comprehensive service, from disassembly, loading, unloading to reassembly, which means you will get a range of services from one place at a convenient and low price.


Types of services we provide

We offer various types of moving services. Our services range from moving furniture to entire companies.

Local moving service

Our first service was local moving services in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. We started this service in 2009, and then we became the most important company in Fort Lauderdale.

Long-distance moving service

After that, we expanded our business to include the long-distance moving service. This service has several advantages, as the express delivery service is available for 7 days per week. Also, we move oversized furniture, antiques, and bicycles to a long distance. In addition, we do an accurate inventory for each piece we move and package it separately. Also, we offer you an accurate estimate for long-distance moving services in Fort Lauderdale. According to our clients’ opinions, we have become the best mover in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and even in Florida.

Commercial moving service

Another one of our services is the commercial moving service. Business moving is more sensitive than residential moving. Therefore, it requires a team of trained movers and necessary tools. Our commercial moving service ranges from the moving of an office to moving entire industrial facilities.  We will prepare a detailed assessment of your needs and give you an accurate estimate free from overruns in cost and in your business schedule. The commercial moving service includes local and long-distance commercial moving.

Moving to storage service

Our company provides other services such as a storage facilities service (moving to storage). The company is keen to ensure that these facilities are clean and safe to preserve the value of your property. Also, you will be provided with an inventory that contains each item moved to the storage facility, and we put a label on it for easy identification. In addition, we provide suitable storage conditions according to the nature of the item whether it is metal or plastic. Beyond that, we protect the furniture with mobile blankets without an additional fee.

Additional services

Our services have expanded to include piano, art, and antiques moving because of their importance. We have become the pioneers of movers in Fort Lauderdale. In addition, our company carries out auxiliary services such as a packaging service, delivery service, and furniture removal service.


Top Notch Movers reviews

Our company has great customer service and is ready to answer all inquiries. You can contact us by phone or e-mail or by visiting our offices. You can leave us feedback by visiting our ‘review us’ tab; that helps us to develop our services to meet your needs. You can also follow the recent updates and specials by following our pages on Facebook and Instagram. Please feel free to contact us to request our services and help you in making the right estimate for you


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