The alarm’s ringing! It’s moving time!

It’s Moving Time!

Summer is a busy moving time for everyone in the US. Usually, moving season begins in March and ends at the beginning of September when school starts, during the season prices are much higher than offseason because of the higher demand for relocation services.

Most of our customers move during the summer time as it is usually more favorable time of the year to relocate.

Prices to rent or lease are cheaper, and the weather is better, but if you are looking to spend less money and you don’t have to move during the season I would most definitely suggest booking the job after the season is over.

Not only prices will go down, it will be much easier to schedule your move and get a perfect day and time.

Moving Time: March to August


  • Usually, companies will not try to fight for the customers and will provide you with a fair offer during the season period as there is enough demand to move, result: fair prices
  • The best period to move out of state to more Northern states like Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Washington, etc.
  • Delivery time frames are much better, more customers going in the same direction – faster delivery for the customers out of state.


  • Higher prices, actual prices can be 30-50% higher than off-season period.
  • Delivery time frames for local moves, in-state are longer.
  • Companies are overbooked, and there is a higher chance that movers will not be there on the date that you reserve the move for.

Offseason Moving: September to March


  • Price, cheaper rates.
  • Moving companies have more flexibility (easy scheduling)
  • Moving to Florida can be more comfortable, cooler weather.
  • Better delivery time frames if you are moving in-state.


  • Lowball estimates from a non-reputable mover (companies trying to survive of the season and catch customers) Result in a much higher price.
  • Harder to move out of state during winter, extended delivery time frames for the period from late November to February.
  • Delivery time frames are longer, harder for movers to assemble truck with necessary amounts of goods to deliver.

Top Notch Movers

Top Notch Movers provides the best moving service no matter what time of year it is. If you are looking for premium services and excellent customer relations, call us today at (954) 951-9725!

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