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At some point in our lives, we all have to leave our parent’s house and get a place of our own. Moving out on your own might be difficult, but it is worth it at the end. I remember myself looking through hundreds of ads on craigslist to pick a few options I liked, and then start calling to arrange the meeting with the potential roommate.

Moving out on your own can help you socialize, get more friends, and get used to being responsible for the home of your own. As usual, there are perks and disadvantages to any decision you make in this life. So, let’s go over them and see what will be your final verdict.

Perks and advantages of moving out on your own:

First and foremost, you learn how to live your life outside of your parent’s house. Now you need to learn how to cook, clean, and pay the bills on time. Many will say that it is more of a disadvantage, but I have to disagree. Taking responsibility for a place of our own can be challenging at first, but after a year or two, it will become part of your everyday life.

Plus, now it is your call what furnishings to pick, and how much water is to be used. Now, let’s look at the places to search for an apartment:


There is plenty of other sites, but these are my top 5. Also, you can always benefit from asking your friends, colleagues, or family members. Craigslist is best when it comes to rooms, shared apartments, and other flexible arrangements. Zillow and offer a more “official” view of the properties available (realtor info attached, property images and detailed description).

2020 UPDATE: Please note that Zillow bought off most of their competitors so you better off using them straight away.

Are you on a hunt for an apartment in apartment complexes? Visit, the biggest amount of listed apartment complexes with leasing offices available.

I recommend checking the reviews on the apartment complexes that you’ve selected for your final pick. Reviews can tell you what are the problems you can expect, and how the service requests and other information is handled. Reviews and feedback are available when looking at the apartment complexes, houses and shared renting options won’t have that.

Moving out, friend or a moving company to help? 

Moving from your parents should be as easy as a pack and go, but sometimes your mom or dad wants you to have a few extra items. You know, a half a house. Furniture is tricky and hard to move, especially if it’s bulky. But keep in mind that it is a big plus for you, and you should definitely move some furnishings with you. New furniture costs a lot and might be a heavy toll on your pocket.

Moving a piece or two of light furniture can be easy, moving out on your own or with a few friends by your side – it won’t be a problem. However, moving a bedroom or two of solid wood furnishings can be challenging. This is when I suggest you look for a mover. Check for the recommendations from your friends and family first, and then visit or Google to get a complete picture of the reputation on a moving company.

At Top Notch Movers we encourage you to do your research. Carefully picking a mover is one of the most important parts of your move. After getting the right moving company, you can relax and let them handle the heavy items.

Disadvantages of moving on your own

Responsibilities, more and more responsibilities. For a lot of people, it won’t be a problem, however, it can be for some. If you are used to hot meals, clean cloth and clean home without any chores, it might be a problem for you. How can you get used to all the responsibilities?

Make a list of chores you need to do, such as cleaning, paying the bills, or buying food. Checkmark all the completed tasks every day. Track your progress and make sure you are getting everything done on time. I might seem like a lot at first, but you won’t even notice it with time.

Living alone might not be for everyone. You need to get used to being alone in the apartment and not having parents or siblings to talk to or hang out with. This can be solved by getting a pet or letting someone else live with you. Get a roommate, and if everything works well, you might get a new friend.

What it will be for you? Moving on your own, or staying at your parent’s house? 

In any case, if you need help, do not forget about Top Notch Movers. We are your friendly moving company, right around the corner.

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