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Looking for the movers near you can be a great idea if done properly. There are so many options available on the market that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. However, nowadays it is easier than ever to sort out the candidates. You only need internet, free time, and a bit of patience. Let us guide you thru the search for the movers.


1. Figuring out what movers you need.

There are a few different types of moving companies out there. Searching for “movers near me” won’t always be the best idea. A search engine will display the closest businesses to you that have anything in common with the topic. However, most of the places reflected might not be what you are looking for. 

What do we suggesting you do? Search for specific needs instead of the broad terms: 

– Long distance movers near me (for out-of-state moves) 

Long distance movers taking care of the out-of-state moves. They are able to provide you with the estimates if you decide to relocate to another state. Estimates based on space are more accurate than the ones based on weight. Also, an in-home estimate is a great option to get exact cost for the move.

– Local movers near me (for in-state moves) 

Local movers specialize in moves within the state. Usually billed by the hour, but flat-rate options are available after the in-home estimate is done. We suggest avoiding companies offering flat-rate estimate over the phone.

– International movers near me (for international move) 

International movers taking care of the moves to other countries. You can move anywhere in the world. International moves are expensive and stressful, choosing the right company is very important. Our moving experts agree that in-home estimate is the only viable option to get a quote.

You got the idea. More descriptive requests are better. Long-tail requests can help search engines to give you the best results.


2. Why do you need a mover near you? 

Most of our customers don’t realize that we move all over Florida. Top Notch Movers based in Fort Lauderdale, but it doesn’t mean that we are only working within the city limits. Prices for everyone within a 60-mile radius from the HQ always be the same. 

You can, and should consider a moving company of your liking if it is within a 60-mile radius from your home. This way you can compare more movers and get the best rates for your move

Our company is always upfront with the clients when it comes to additional charges. Unfortunately, not every moving company operates like us. We suggest checking if any additional fees for travel or mileage added when getting a quote. 

Also, some companies can offer competitive rates for out-of-state and international moves if they have a truck in the area on the day of your move, even if they are based not in your state.

Looking for movers in Ft. Lauderdale? We can help, contact Top Notch Movers today.


3. Compare prices, reviews, and basic information

There are a few steps to take after you choose the moving companies you like. First and foremost, make sure they are licensed and insured to provide you with a service. You can contact their office and ask for the DOT number. After they provided you with the number, go and check it on the SAFER site. 

Checking the reputation and reviews of the companies you like is an essential part of the research. We suggest considering the companies with the ratings between three and five stars. Also, count in the amount of the reviews, years that company operated and see what are the main issues. 

Prices are better when provided by the movers near you. 

Always gather at least three to five estimates. Taking your time and comparing companies can save you a lot of money. 

Ask your friends and family about their past experiences with the movers, see if they can recommend a company. However, each move is unique.

Even if your past move went smooth, it is not a guarantee that your next move will be the same. The same rule applies to the movers who did the job for someone you know. 


3. To sum it all up

Choosing a mover is one of the most important decisions you will make when relocating. However, hiring a mover near you isn’t as important as getting a reputable company. Calculate your budget, look for the best moving company and check what they offer.

Take time and talk to the moving companies you like. If necessary, invite the estimators to your home to see what needs to be moved. Some companies will offer an estimate over the video call, which is a great option too.

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