How to prepare for a long distance moves

How to PREPARE for a Long Distance Move

Plan for the Date – The most important thing you can do is prepare for the period. Make sure you have your transfers in or your days off. You don’t want anything at all to get in the way of your move or possibly disrupt the flow of the moving process. Once that ship is sailing it’s hard to stop it and it’s even more difficult to make it turn back. Prepare yourself for this.

Separate Your Most Prized Possessions – The next, arguably most important thing about the whole ordeal is to pack your most valuable belongings. No matter how good a moving service is, there will always be the possibility of an accident and the best way to avoid that is to isolate the things that are most important and hold them in such regard. Pack them in the back of your car/truck.

Prepare for the Journey – The final thing you will need to do before your big day is to prepare for all the little things in your journey. When will you stop, where will you sleep. Basic Road Tripping 101. Find all of the things you won’t want to pay for on the road. If you want a Top Notch Tip, you will want to buy anywhere from 24-32 bottles of water and keep them in the back of your car. A pack of water is $5 in bulk, $1 per bottle on the road, avoid that.

What to do the day of!

Relax – Once the day happens you need to relax. If you’ve hired a high-quality moving company, only rest as best as you can before the big move and just hang out with the people you’ll be sharing space with for several days. Relaxation is key because if you freak, other people will freak too.

Communicate – Remain in constant contact with your movers. For the most part, you will both be going your way, but if either of you gets lost or pulls over, you should know about it. Coordinate breaks together and just talk to each other. When you’re sharing the road with someone, you’re no longer strangers, so enjoy your time with your new, albeit temporary friends.

Be Reasonable – There will be tons of unforeseen problems along the way. If a tire blows, if you run low on money, have engine problems, anything at all that can be a problem can be reasonably handled. It’s just as important for you to be reasonable as anything else.

Top Notch Movers

Top Notch Movers has been providing the best long distance moving service for several years. When you are moving to a new home, you should always be prepared for everything that goes your way. If you would like to know more about our moving process or what to expect during your big move, don’t hesitate to call us today at (954) 866-7326

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