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State to State Moving is an exciting adventure for everyone involved. We are, state to state movers are happy to help. Packing up your things and moving on is one of the last great feelings of exploration for many people. While we don’t advise taking this road alone, it’s important to know what to do when you are preparing for your state to state move!

A step by step for your out of state move

  1. Organize your Belongings – The first step is to organize and categorize your belongings. You want to spend as much time setting up your things as possible. This involves tagging, sectioning, and preparing your boxes.
  2. Pack your Things – Once you have everything tagged and categorized, it’s time to mark your boxes and begin to pack your belongings. Make sure you always put the heaviest item on the bottom, or you’re gonna crush them!
  3. Pack the Truck – After you’ve finished categorizing and tagging your belongings, you want to load the truck up as best as you can. Similar to before you want to keep like things together and you want to keep the heaviest on the bottom. But you also want to make sure that there is minimum slippage and no room for movement.
  4. Map your Move – After you’ve categorized your items, packed your belongings and stored them on the truck, now it’s time for your next move. Make sure to find the best route including gas stations and other stop-overs along the way. Then make sure you also have the best pit stops mapped out including hotels and layover areas.
  5. Unpack your Belongings – Once you’ve finished your journey and made every move precisely, it’s time to unpack your belongings. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself and follow all the categorized directions, the best way to do this is to pin one of your tags to the door so people can just bring those belongings into those places. Make sure your friends and family aren’t too tired and aren’t going to hurt themselves!

The benefit of hiring state to state movers

What if we told you that you could have a great state to state move without the need of wearing yourselves out and worrying about your belongings? If you want top-notch service, then you need to call us and our state to state movers!

Packing – We have years of experience with organizing your belongings in a safe and effective way. Our movers can get your belongings there safely and in the exact correct locations!

Moving – We will move the boxes onto the truck, organize and section them off so no movement happens in the back of the truck and we will do it twice as fast as if you did it yourself

Driving – You don’t have to worry about routes and roads when you have our movers along for the ride. All you have to do is follow us along in your car and listen to your favorite tunes along the way!

The importance of estimates

If there is anything we need to stress to you, it’s preparation. A prepared move is a successful move. What better way to have a successful move then to work with our state to state movers.

Why You need Estimates – Estimates are great for getting the most accurate pricing on the market. Many factors need to be looked after when you are preparing for a move. Things such as stairs, carpet, polished floors, heavy objects like pianos and others will increase costs of moves.

Getting the complete picture ahead of time makes it clearer for you and the mover. When your moving estimator arrives, ask them if you would like either a binding or a non-binding estimate.

Binding Estimates – Binding estimates guarantees that the price will be what is on the paper. This means that when you call again, these prices will not have changed at all in the time it took for the estimate and the call.

Non-Binding Estimates – Non-Binding Estimates are the opposite, these are implied costs that will reflect roughly what it will cost in the end. Usually, these are done in the off chance that environmental factors such as rain or extreme heat are taken into effect for the movers.

Top Notch Movers, state to state movers

If you are looking for the best state to state mover in South Florida, you have found them. For years Top Notch has been living up to their name. No matter who we work with or how many people and businesses we help, we are constantly trying to create the best experience for our customers.

With Top Notch, you are receiving clear pricing, expert service, and an unforgettable adventure for your family or business. Just remember when you are planning out your move, use Top Notch, we’re always a move ahead.

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