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Weight estimate might be a perfect time to lose a few pounds.

The strain of moving

With all of the anticipation and stress that goes into the moving process itself, figuring out the costs involved can make things difficult. Out of all the factors involved in the moving procedure, calculating the shipping cost of your items based on weight can be one of the most challenging to tackle.

What can you do?

By utilizing the various tools available to you, you can calculate a rough estimate for moving costs based on weight. Get your weight estimate done properly, and enjoy the results.

After you’ve gotten this estimate, you can move on to finding ways to lower the cost if it isn’t manageable. It is vital to make sure the sources and tools you use are reliable.

This will ensure that your estimate is accurate and you can trust the information you receive. Develop a reliable and effective moving plan after you are done with measurements.

Cost calculation tools

Here are some of our top websites to use for calculating the costs of moving your items based on weight:

This handy tool allows you to gauge the weight of furniture piece by piece, room by room.

While this does not give you the exact cost of moving your things, it does give you a useful estimate of how much all of your belongings weight, making it a fantastic first step for anyone looking to figure out moving costs.

Have Ikea furniture? Get your weight estimate, receive a better price.

All you need to do it plug in the quantity of each item and hit the calculate button. After a second of number crunching, the site will show you a table containing a multitude of useful information like how much your items weigh, how much space they’ll take up, recommended truck sizes for your items, etc.


Relocation.com also boasts a weight calculator, much like MovingCompanies.US. A marked difference is that it also calculates a rough price based on not just the weight that you input but also estimated mileage, starting zip code to ending zip code, extra fees, and more.

While you should by no means treat the information you get from these calculations as an end-all-be-all calculation, it serves as a useful ballpark figure for how much your move will cost.

Either of these resources will help you to come up with a rough estimate of how much you can expect to spend on a move based on the weight estimate of your items.

Cutting down on costs

Alright, so you now have a tentative idea of how much it will cost to move your stuff from here to there.

Now what? Well, you need to ask yourself: “am I comfortable with this price? Is this the weight estimate that I expected to get? If the answer is no, then you may want to look into options to cut down on that cost.

The first and most obvious choice is to get rid of some of your items. It may, in fact, be cheaper just to sell or donate some furniture now and then buy new furniture later on after you’ve settled in.

This strategy becomes even more viable if you’re moving to a smaller location. You might also want to consider packing whatever you can into your vehicle if you plan to drive to your new home from your old one. This further reduces moving costs and lets you keep items that you would rather not sell or donate just to save space and money.

How to save money on your moving company

Pack Yourself – We offer a great packing service that makes sure all of your belongings are safe, compact, and secure. Which is great unless your packing bread and marshmallows. But we also have a blog that shows you how to pack boxes properly.

Check it out, and we promise you can be packing boxes with the best of us. Pack it, tag it, store it properly so when we get there we can hit the ground running.

Move to Storage – Want to save space in your new place as well as save money on the move? Put your stuff in storage. There are countless things that we will move that the owner has no business keeping in their houses.

But that is none of our business, so we don’t say anything on the spot. But there are great storage companies that give great rates to keep your belongings safe and secure instead of being dragged around like baggage.

Limit the Movers and Work With Yourself – If you have a two person move, just hire one mover. The movers will hate us for saying this because it’s their job. But if you are trying to save money, jump in there yourself. Grab some shorts and pick up some boxes to carry yourself. Leave the heavy lifting to us and make sure you get your job done the right way.

How can we help?

Top Notch Movers has been servicing South Florida’s community since 2009, and we know how to make your move effortless and affordable, no matter where you want to end up.

Our estimators can provide you with a weight estimate based on the items that you have. Call today to get an accurate and affordable moving estimate.

If you’ve used the resources above and are still stumped about how to price out your items, give us a call. We will help you plan your transition from home to home with 100% transparency and with absolutely no hassle.

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