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There are many people out there getting ready to move on their own. If there’s any feedback we received from the previous blog, it’s this “Moving injuries?! The person in the picture isn’t even wearing shoes!” Which is true and funny because it’s the most basic of moving attire that people should be wearing consistently. So we’ve taken the time to assemble a list of what to wear during a move!

What to wear during a move? Clothes

Footwear – There’s a lot of disagreement between our workers about what to wear on your feet. There will forever be a line in the sand between boots or shoes.

While I stand on the side of boots, specifically steel-toe, I can understand that people won’t want to invest in something if they don’t own it. But you should have closed-toe shoes at the very least, but if you have a pair of boots, I recommend using that.

Pants – You don’t want to wear anything that you don’t want awful things to happen to them. I’ve seen cargo pants and jeans as the most common of wearing apparel. If you have a pair of durable, yet movable jeans, then that will be your best bet.

Jeans are harder to cut through though they can be restrictive. If you don’t have a pair of jeans, then go to a Goodwill and pick up a cheap worn-in pair to move in. 3-5 Bucks will save you much more in torn fancy clothes.

Note: When it comes to shorts, use what you’re comfortable with. Shorts are good for mobility, but I believe there are two kinds of movers.

People who move a lot of stuff quickly will want shoes and shorts, but big things would want boots and jeans.

Topwear – For the most part, long sleeve shirts or shirts are fine. I like long sleeves, so I don’t scratch my arms but to each their own.

But you want something tight; you don’t want something that can snag or catch on things when you’re moving.

Note: I will always endorse the use of gloves. Gloves will keep your hands from becoming raw, and it will also protect you from minor scrapes and bruises.

What to wear during a move? Accessories

Hats – I like using hats, but they are purely optional. I know they help when it comes to keeping hair out of your face and fun out of your eyes. But they can also trap heat in your hair and cause you to sweat more, so it’s your call.


Gloves – I wrote about this above, but it’s worth stating again. Gloves will help you a lot during a move, from damage, it adds grip, and it makes it easier for you to keep your hands nice.

Jewelry – Remove as much jewelry as possible from a move. Get rid of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, anything can and will snag, and it will break or hurt you in the process.

Wedding Rings – This is a sensitive issue for some people, but take the rings off. Put them somewhere safe and then keep them off for the duration of the move. I’m not going to get into the details, but there are many life-changing health concerns that happen involving wedding rings.

If you want to search for them yourself, that’s on you, but be warned, the injuries that can happen from catching your wedding rings on any surface will be graphic and unsettling. It is incredibly important that you look after your safety during a move then worrying about what people will say about the absence of wedding rings.

Please, take the rings off and keep them somewhere safe during a move.

Top Notch Movers

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