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When you decide to move on your own, you are creating a potential hazard for yourself. There are many hurdles to avoid and we are going to show you the top five most common moving injuries and how to avoid them today!

Moving Injuries and What to Do

While this is a guide to avoid receiving these injuries, if you discover that you have injured yourself, we highly recommend going to see a doctor. This is a guide on how to prevent injuries, not treat them!

Knee Pain

You should never lift with your back, but your knees and legs still can grow weary and falter. If someone is locking their knees when lifting or hyperextending when moving, you can seriously hurt your knee.

This can go from a slight pull which will leave you hobbling for weeks to extreme hyperextensions which would come with definitely seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

We always recommend wearing knee pad to prevent surface level pain and impact, but you should always consider good solid stretching before and taking breaks to catch your breath and relax.

Twisted Ankle

Often twisted ankles will happen in two parts. When people are lifting something together, and the pace becomes out of either parties control.

Or when there are a bunch of small boxes and someone is trying to move them to the truck as fast as possible.

Either a sprain or a twist will happen due to excess force on the joint in a position in which it should not be placed.

Speed and lack of discipline cause this. You need to take your time, treat every box with respect it deserves and slow it down, find your footing before moving.

Back Pain

The most reported pain that users talk about is back pain. Amateur movers who have never lifted boxes repeatedly, some of which have never even done heavy lifting consistently can hurt their backs easily.

This is one of the most serious moving injuries, as it can affect your overall health.

Luckily, the best way to avoid that is to learn how to lift appropriately. You can read more about our proper lifting technique from our blog here.

Cuts and Bumps

The other that happens are cuts and bumps. The culprits here are the walls and the boxes. Often if someone poorly packs a box, something sharp can poke out, or I’ve seen some unbelievably wicked cuts from the cardboard itself.

The other part is if people are moving things up and down stairs, so often those funny angles will jam a finger or a hand against the wall. The easiest way to avoid these problems is with good sturdy moving gloves.

Broken Extremities

This ties in with the cuts and bumps one but I believe it should be in its own section. When you are moving with somebody or moving against a wall, you need to position your hands in a manner that will aid you more than the object.

There are a lot of times that people will be looking at the object and not realize that their hands are already pinned.

An easy twist or push can pop a digit out of lock or rotate a finger until it’s broken. Gloves, pacing, and self-awareness will help save your toes and feet from requiring a doctor’s visit.

Top Notch Movers

We can help you to avoid moving injuries, get in contact with us today.

Moving is a serious industry, and we are constantly aiming to ensure that our clients and ourselves are constantly on the safe side and without injury. If you would like to know more about what you can do to stay safe during a move or what our rates and services are, please give us a call today at (954) 256-8111

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