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Cheap movers! Sounds sweet, isn’t it? Especially if you are on the budget. Moving heavy furniture by yourself isn’t fun. Nowadays there are plenty of options available to cater to the needs for any budget. However, we suggest staying clear of the click-baits and other ads offering unrealistic prices for the moving services.

In the industry, we often surprised by people calling us with an idea of a $100 move. However, we understand where are they coming from. A lot of companies don’t care about their reputation or fair advertising. They want your money. For them, there is no difference if they add hidden fee’s when it is time to pay.

What can you do to avoid unethical and cheap movers? 

  • Searching for a moving company thru Google, Yahoo or Bing? Don’t click on the ads, better visit a site of a local mover to get a quote. Fill out the form and wait for a call.
  • Avoid one-page sites. Most of them are landing pages built by a lead company to get your information.
  • Stay away from the moving companies recommended by your leasing office, realtor, security guard or anyone who you don’t know well enough.
  • Ignore sites like movers.com. Reviews on such sites are easily fabricated.

A few examples:

When searching for a moving company through search engines, avoid ads like these:

Fort Lauderdale’s Top Mover | Relocate For As Low As $275‎
$499 Long Distance Movers | Calculate Your Moving Costs
$39/HR, Cheap Local Movers | Call Us Today Get Additional 10% OFF 

These ads are unrealistic. A moving company cannot provide services at such a low cost. Can you move out from the state for $499? Probably, no. How about $39/hr for the minimum of two movers needed to move your goods? Fishy advertising and unrealistic prices cause many people to avoid moving companies. As suggested, visit a site of the moving company and get an estimate, avoid click-baits of cheap movers.

Stay away from one-page sites. Why? 

Simple, landing pages made to sell. Usually, there are no real information or useful content on the landing pages. Only flashy stars and submission forms. Most of them built by marketers who are trying to get your contact information.

These are the examples:

#1 Moving Companies
#2 Moving Relocation
#3 Movers Cost Navigator

Pay attention to the site, no licenses, no reviews. Nothing. Check it yourself, cheap movers can come at the high cost.

Recommendations from the people who you don’t know all too well. 

Movers partner and work with different people in different industries. Most of the time, recommendations from the realtors or other people directed to make money off your move. They recommend you, movers, you book the job, and moving company pay them a commission for the customer. Everyone wins right? Wrong.

Such recommendations are rarely given to help you find a decent moving company. Usually, it is to make an additional buck. Listen to your friends and family, and do your own research.


There are plenty of fake sites with fabricated reviews

When searching for a mover, use widely known sites and services. Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List. These sites are very strict and conduct a thorough check when it comes to their reviews. There are plenty of smaller places like moving.com and mymovinreviews.com that you can check. However, we suggest looking at the first four for the best guidance.

A story about the cheap movers

Why are we so skeptic? Simple, good services come at the cost.

This month we received a call from the client complaining about the movers that he hired. Our moving expert Tom talked to the guy and find out the complete story.

When looking for a moving company, client searched for the cheapest option available. He received four different quotes, three quotes were $500+ and one was $250 from the company advertised on Craigslist. The client decided to go with a cheaper option.

On the day of the move, movers were late for two hours and showed up in a pickup truck to move his two bedroom apartment. He was so disappointed with the cheap movers, that he decided to call the move off and look for the replacement.

They tried to move his goods without pads, tools or any other equipment.

Then he called us. We quoted the move at $500+ and guaranteed timely arrival on the same day. His story ended well. But, let’s think about the other side of the story. What could’ve happened if he continued with the cheap movers and their pickup truck? Simple, damaged goods.

Find more tips on choosing the right moving company. Or you can choose Top Notch Movers, don’t look, trust the brand you know.

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