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How to choose a reputable moving company?

Is there anything worse than having to move? You combine the stress of house hunting, packing, and then ultimately moving and you are quickly overwhelmed.  Now compound that stress with having to find a reputable moving company to move all your belongings and you are in over your head.  

 Here at Top Notch Movers, we are on your team.  We treat your belongings like our belongings, we get the job done efficiently and with the utmost care for your stuff. Below you will find our guide for choosing the best moving company for your next move.  We hope to be that company but if we aren’t, you can use these tips to vet your moving company. 

What to consider first before hiring?

You’re getting ready to move.  How many things are on your list? Now you plan on hiring a moving company.  Let us ask you… who are you willing to trust all of your belongings to?  They will be loading up your tv, couches, appliances, beds. How can you make sure they are a reputable company?  

Now, you’re wondering how to find the best moving company. The company you should hire is going to be licensed, insured, have great reviews, provide you with a fair quote, shows up on time, and does the work in a reasonable amount of time.

Here are some pro tips for hiring a good moving company: 

Research :  There are a few things you should research when selecting a moving company.  How far are you going to be moving? Different companies specialize in different things.  There are movers who specialize in cross-country moving, and others who specialize in local moving.  This will help to determine whether you need a local company or a cross-country mover.  

If the company has references reach out and explore their experience. Finally, it’s a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to see how reputable the company you want to select is. 
Check Reviews : Reviews are the holy grail of information.  A good company will have great reviews and similarly, a great moving company will have great reviews.  While checking those reviews make sure the company has been around for at least 5 years as that in itself will establish a companies reputation.
Where can you go to find reviews on a potential mover?  Yelp has lots of peer-submitted reviews, make sure to check the company’s physical pages and not just their sponsored information.  Google provides star ratings based on customer reviews.  Here you can see what people liked or didn’t like about working with a company. HomeAdvisor is another great resource for others who have used a companies services and then given honest feedback.
 You can also check a company’s social media accounts for customers expressing their praises or concerns about working with a company.
License Number : If the moving company you plan to use is not licensed or insured, this is your written permission to turn and run.  Any reputable moving company will be both licensed and insured. How do you check if they are licensed?  All moving companies as a general rule of thumb must meet a few requirements before becoming licensed.
  • Register with the state they will be operating

  • Provide at least two types of insurance coverage
  • Show financial responsibility
  • Maintain certain safety measures
Once a company is properly licensed they will be issued a USDOT number which you can go here to check.  You’ll be asked for the USDOT number or you can search by the company’s name.  
You are then able to use this information to determine if this is a company you want to work with or not.  
Rates :
The rates for a moving company (just like any service) can be all over the place.  This section isn’t to tell you what a specific rate a moving company should charge but rather to look at your budget.  You will surely have an established budget already and you can use that to determine what is the rate you can afford.
A note on this is just because you can afford the most expensive mover in town doesn’t mean it is the best.  Also, if you are looking at the cheapest mover it doesn’t mean it’s the best. As a general rule of thumb we recommend not choosing the cheapest service either unless they check off the other criteria. You can read additional advice on cheap moving companies here
Our recommendation is to get at least three quotes.  Narrow down your search to three or a few more companies who you would like to work with and then ask them to give you a quote. You’ll want to ask things like:
  • How much they charge per mile driven, 
  • Are you only available for a certain number of hours
  • Do you charge extra for heavy items or for packing
Also, make sure they are aware of what will be moved in the house.  Companies will issue you a bill of lading which serves as your contract.  Make sure to ask whether this is binding or non-binding. Once you have the company you want then you can hire them.    
How to Find the best moving company?
Your next move could be your best move.  Save time, money, and your back on your next move by hiring the best.  Don’t just hire any moving company though, make sure it’s the best you can afford. To recap these are what you should be looking for with your next moving company:
  • Local Knowledge A moving company that knows the area where you’ll be moving
  • Licensed and insured-make sure you check these to assure you are working with a legitimate company.
  • Check reviews- Make sure that the company is going to work hard and will take care of your belongings. 
  • Honest and trustworthy- You will be trusting ALL of your belongings to your moving company.  Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable doing that.
When the time for your next move comes, instead of trying to bribe your friends with pizza and beer, look for someone who can do the work for you. With Top Notch Movers you can kick up your feet, relax, and trust us until it’s time to swipe your card.  Top Notch Movers has all of the above-mentioned qualities and more. Whether you just need someone to move your stuff or you’re looking for someone to take care of packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and more Top Notch Movers should be your first choice.  Are you ready? Go here to take our quiz on if you’re ready to work with a moving company. 
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