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We are proud to offer our moving services to the Fort Lauderdale community. Top Notch Movers, fully licensed and insured Fort Lauderdale movers.

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Fully licensed and insured Fort Lauderdale Movers

Top Notch Movers have been working as the premier Fort Lauderdale movers since 2009. We help our clients with their relocation needs, no matter the size of the move. Whether it is a residential or a commercial move, you can rest assured, we have the resources to get it done.

Our movers are quick, efficient and helpful. Fort Lauderdale is our home, and it is one of the best cities in Florida. We commit to providing only the best services to the residents of the city.

We, a professional and experienced moving company, and we have your back. As Fort Lauderdale movers, we love offering our clients exceptional customer service that is unparalleled by other moving companies. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and if you are not satisfied, neither are we.

Accurate estimates for your move – Call us today, receive the most accurate estimate for the upcoming move of yours. It is absolutely free, with no obligation. We offer two types of estimates, first is over the phone, second is in person. Both estimates are free and can be requested at any time.

License and Insured – When you are choosing your Fort Lauderdale movers, make sure that the company is both licensed and insured. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your goods and your property are protected.

High-Quality Customer Service – Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our moving experts will take care of any concerns or issues before, during or after your move.


When hiring a professional Fort Lauderdale Movers, make sure that the company is:

  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Provides you with a guaranteed price so there are no surprises.
  • Always on time.
  • Listed as Florida ProMover.
  • Equipped with a team of professionals.
  • Only offers quality moving services.
  • Has the list of references for you to view.

It will be one of the most important decisions to make when organizing your move.

Hiring professional movers to do your job can be very beneficial. However, the price for the relocation can be a bit higher than you had in mind.

What are the benefits you will get for spending your hard-earned money?

Saving Time – We all know how long it takes to move, especially when you are doing it yourself or with the help of your friends. Hiring a moving company to get the job done will save you hours on your move. Movers are efficient, organized, and well equipped.

Staying Safe – Have you ever lifted a dresser or a couch? These items can be very heavy. Movers are trained to work with the weight. Moving companies provide field crews with straps, hand trucks and other equipment to help with the lifting. Don’t even think of moving a piano or a safe on your own.

Get Most of our Moving Services.

As a Fort Lauderdale movers, we offer a wide variety of moving services for the residents. Our moving experts can help you to determine what do you need. Contact us today, get a free, no-obligation estimate.

Homeowners and apartment tenants benefit the most from our moving services. These are people who want to ensure they won’t have to spend their time off lifting heavy boxes and moving to their new area. They can simply mark and outline where everything goes and let a moving company do it for them!

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4.6 419 reviews

  • Ali Movahedi ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I normally don't take the time out to write a review unless I truly feel someone or company deserves it. It's nice to see a company who is very professional, affordable, and hard working. I was faced by a somewhat difficult move lately, and Top Notch Movers delivered. We had originally booked another company to do the move, but since this is Miami highrise insurance requirements are strict. The original company could not assure that their insurance agent could supply the building it early Monday morning. We had already booked the elevator for that Monday morning and we had only 4 hours of the elevator. So that meant we had to go load the trucks at a storage facility where everything was. There was actually 3 storage lockers and we had to go through everything piece by piece cause not everything was being moved. So that Sunday Mark, Sonny, and Sid showed up at storage to help load … More the truck for the next morning. To my surprise these guys were so helpful and patient. It took some time to go through all this. The next day they showed with the insurance requirements and commenced the move. They were very personable and made us feel comfortable in our place. We would definitely recommend this company for your moves.
  • Chief Lloyd ★★☆☆☆ a year ago
    These people are horrible.
    Over charged, damaged everything they touched, never returned phone calls, took 5 days to drive from Florida to east Texas.
    Tried to claim damages with there “ insurance “
    We claimed a couple thousand dollars of damage ( it was much more). After being run around by the insurance company they only want to pay $75.00.
    NEVER USE THIS COMPANY Customer service is horrible, the movers broke and damaged everything
  • Krystal Gordon ☆☆☆☆ a year ago
    WORST MOVING COMPANY . Please do not use this company ! They are extremely unprofessional and rude. I move from FL to NC and was given the run around about when my items would be delivered. I was originally scheduled for pickup of my items on 7/15 but was told the truck broke down and they needed to reschedule. Most of my items were tagged and packed up on 7/16 ( movers did not have enough tags ). I was assured by the movers that they would be tagged at the office and stored together. My items were not delivered until 7/31. The movers who delivered my items left dents in my walls and door jams. Two days after my delivery I went out of the country for two weeks. Upon returning and unpacking my belongings I noticed some of my items were missing. I called the company multiple times left messages and no one got back to me. I called again Monday September 6th and Francine the office manager told … More me they do not check voice mails because no one has access to check them, so no one got my messages. She told me to give her until the end of the week and she would get back to me because they were busy and short staffed. I called back again on Friday 9/10 after not receiving a phone call and I was told the warehouse manager had covid and no one was available to search the warehouse for my belongings so when he comes back they will check. I waited a week and a half and called again to be told she could not reach any of the warehouse managers by phone and she would call me back in an hour. I called again the next day after not hearing from anyone and was told they are working on it and in the meantime I should fill out a claims form for my items. I called this morning and spoke with a different person who stated they were experiencing water damage to the warehouse and things have been moved all over the place and they can’t do anything to assist, to place a claim and why did I wait so long to call them to report my items missing. When I tried to explain that I have been trying to reach someone to assist going on three weeks she said it wasn’t important and she didn’t have time for it and hung up the phone. The clothes that I did receive have mold all over them and some of my furniture are broken. I would never recommend anyone to use this company. WORST COMPANY !
  • Amal Ayoub ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Moving is stressful, but hiring a great company like Top Notch makes it so much better! Jackie and Francine were amazing in helping me with my move to NY. I have used Top Notch 3 times in the past 5 years, and the service I’ve received has always been reliable, affordable, and caring. I’ve referred friends to this company and they have happily had similar experiences. Thank you Top Notch for your excellent customer service and appreciation for customer loyalty.
  • שגיב דדוש ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    We used Top Notch Movers for a job from NY to FL.
    They made it on time and handled all with care.
    .We had a pleasure working with them
    Great thanks 🙏🏽

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