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How Long Does it Take to Move?
When considering a moving company be sure to first determine what type of move you will be making.  Are you looking to move locally or will you be making an interstate move?  Once you have established the type of move you can begin looking for the best moving company. Different moving companies specialize in different types of moves.  Make sure to choose one that matches your move type.
Now it’s time to choose your company.  Read our post here for tips on how to best choose a moving company.  Regardless of your moving situation, there is a moving company that specializes in your type of move.  We hope to be that company and you can let us know what moving-related questions you have. 
How to Avoid Delays
We recently wrote a post about how to best prepare for a move you can read that here.  In that, we discuss setting a timeline for yourself.  Including things like garage sales, packing, and notifying utility companies.  One of the major tasks includes scheduling your moving company about 6-8 weeks prior to your move in order to make sure your moving company isn’t booked out.  
For better organizing your time prior to moving make sure to follow our checklist which spans from 2 months before all the way to the actual day of moving.  We find that most delays occur in moving because items aren’t packed, lack of organization and movers are unclear where they are needed.
What to expect from moving companies
This entirely depends on what type of service you have selected.  There are two options you could use with a moving company:
  • Full service- This gives you a company that can do everything from the packing to truck loading, the transportation, and of course the unloading.
  • Hybrid method-  Some clients will choose this method to save some money.  Here you will be responsible for the packing, and preparations and the moving company will load the truck as well as unload the truck.
With Top Notch Movers, you can expect high-quality service, on-time arrival, delivery, and we will take care of your belongings as if they were our own.
What is the typical delivery time for different states

Before we take into account the driving to your destination here are the typical time frames we give based on the size of the home that is being moved.  As always these are estimates and are subject to many factors, also these do not include the actual packing as well as any cleaning that needs to be done after everything is moved out.

 The timeframes below are for the average household.  Of course, this can change depending on how much furniture, boxes, and other belongings your house has. 

  • Studio and one-bedroom homes should take 4-5 hours
  • Two-bedroom homes take about 5-8 hours
  • Three to Four bedroom homes take about 7-10 hours
  • Five or more bedroom homes take about 1-2 full days

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Once you have this estimate done then you can factor in the amount of time necessary for driving.  Interstate moves will take longer and inter-city or same apartment building moves will take less time.  If you have any questions on timeframes please contact us today for additional questions or estimates.
Why a move may take longer
There are a few reasons why a move would take longer than planned.  Some of those reasons are planned and others are not.
Planned reasons:
  • Leaving everything to the last minute.  This can be prevented by following a plan and sticking to it.
  • Inexperienced movers.  This can result in movers going to incorrect locations, taking longer to load and unload, and not preparing for the move.
Unplanned reasons:
  • Weather.  You can predict the weather based on the time of year, but you can never fully plan on what the weather will actually be.
  • Mechanical failures.  It’s possible the moving trucks could have problems.  Although rare as we do regular maintenance on all our trucks it is always a possibility.
The old adage says “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  Choosing an inexperienced moving company or a company that doesn’t have great reviews could result in a nightmare moving scenario.  With decades of experience and the social proof to back it up, we are ready to serve you today.  Are you ready?  Take our survey to find out today.
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