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How to properly pack, our 5 cents.

Moving can be a hassle, imagine the overwhelming action of having to pack everything and move it from your old place to a new place. It can be challenging, especially if you do it for the first time and never did it before.

Stress, rental trucks, tired friends and three days of your life, was it worth it?

Some people say – yes, but most of you will agree that everything would be much easier if professional movers were involved. Therefore why should you stress about moving?

Here at Top Notch Movers, we believe in creating that wonderful experience. Don’t worry, our professionals will provide you with a valuable advice and suggest the best way to relocate.

We will explain to you how the process works and offer you a free estimate for your move. After, our moving specialists will make sure to gather all the information. As some of the suggestions from our most experienced movers:

Mike. P

A lot of our customers don’t know how to properly pack the box and I always give them a few suggestions. I want to make sure that their most valuable items will be in a good condition upon arrival.

As we all know – glass, ceramic, marble, granite are fragile and needs to be packed with care and with proper packing materials.

My suggestion. take more time, do it at your own pace. Look up a few videos from our Youtube channel, see if you got all the necessary packing.

After you gather all the information and have all the packing in your house – start slow and make sure you do it right. Pack your items properly. You packing your items is one of the most important steps to prevent damages.

Remember, if you will have questions – give us a call, we can always help you.

Henry S.

Have the right tools. Make sure you have the right equipment whether it is different size boxes, bubble wrap, scissors or packing tape.

Moving towels and small blankets can be very useful tools as well. These are essential to get the job done in the most effective way.

Don’t go to the store and buy expensive packing materials, ask a moving company to provide you with them. Our prices usually much cheaper than retail and our quality of the packing materials are better.

If you have a budget and want to save a few bucks on packing supplies there is always an option to gather some packing supplies around. Newspapers from around the house and use it to cover your glass. Remember, use a lot of paper to make sure that glass will be protected well.

Therefore it is a good idea because the paper will be a great space filler and keep your glass separated.

It is important to understand how to properly pack, but it is also important to stack and load properly.

Miguel B.

Be sure to put pictures and frames safely. They need to be aligned in right sized boxes with packing tissue or newspaper in between to prevent damage and scratching.

You have to make sure to limit the amount of free space for easy movement. Blankets can be used as a handy trick for moving picture frames as well for stability.

Finish wrapping and packing? Make sure to tape the box securely. Last but not least, you need to write FRAGILE in big bold letters across the box to notify anyone of fragile belongings.

I think you are ready to start, let us know if this article was useful for you and share your story on how you pack your house with us!

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