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Move your business from one location to another.

Office relocation services, South Florida.

Move your business from one location to another,  most people have to deal with moving homes a few times in their lifetime and know how complicated it can be. Moving your business is not any easier.

There are things you need to consider when the time comes that you are moving your business. As a business owner, there are several things you need to remember for the moving day.

Before getting into everything, make sure you hire an excellent moving company with a good track record and you know will take care of your possessions.

Here are some tips that will help you and your employees prepare for the move. Just a hint, we are a great company to hire for your office relocation needs. Top Notch Movers provide office relocation services since 2009.

Remove the clutter before moving

Moving your business makes it the perfect time to clear some unneeded clutter. To make the moving process smooth and easy, you and your employees just need to start cleaning.

You do not need to pay a moving company to move a bunch of boxes that will be sitting in storage all the time.

Get a little organized, find out what you need and do not need, and all of the unnecessary clutter should be either thrown us or donated.

Have a checklist for your office relocation services.

When you are about to move your business, it is important not to forget anything. Having a checklist can help keep you organized and not overlook anything with significance.

This checklist should be created at least one month before the move, so if anything needs to be added, you have the time to do so.

The checklist should include jobs that need to be done and items that need to be packed. Doing so will help you avoid any complications on moving day.


Have a numbering system for your boxes

Have a brief description of the contents inside of the boxes. Make sure also to mark where the boxes need to go in the new office. Make sure to write down the numbers and descriptions into a document.

Marking the boxes help when unloading the boxes during the move and allow the movers to know where all the boxes need to go without you having to tell them.


Make sure to tell your customers about the move

Be sure to inform your customers of the move a few months in advance, so they are aware. You should notify your customers about 60 days in advance what the new address will be available.

You can also alert the post office during this time about your move. Notify your customers again 30 days before the move just in case they misplace the first notice.

Finally, inform your customers again after you have moved in and settle into your new office. During this time, you can also put in the transfer at the post office.

You should also tell your employees to reach out to your customers to make sure that they are aware of the move.

It is important to have a smooth transition not just for you, but for your customers as well.


Move over the weekend

Most businesses operate during the week, during regular business hours. The best time for you to do the move should be over the weekend, so normal business hours are not disrupted.

This way, you can finish the normal workday on Friday at the normal time, and continue working the following Monday at the new office. Doing this will allow you not to use your normal business hours, when you are making money, to be used up.

Looking for the greatest office relocation services? Contact Top Notch Movers today. We are premier, fully licensed and insured moving company. Call us, get your free moving estimate.


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