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In case you want to shift your home or relocate your business from one location to another within Florida, definitely, you will have to choose a moving company that can ensure that all your properties are delivered safely and at a fair cost.

You will also need a company that will do the job satisfactorily and with trust.

We understand that moving is strenuous, expensive, and time-consuming, and it can be a nightmare if it is not done correctly. This is more so if you make bad choices, cutting corners to save on money and time.

You might end up hiring a company that will make only half of your property reach your destination in one piece. But with the right company, the whole process will be less stressful, easier, and smoother –  you will not break a sweat. Top Notch Movers fits that bill.

But why choose us? First, we are local movers, we know South Florida inside out, and we will be able to reach you even if you don’t give us much information about where your new location is. We also have trained technicians that are specialized in handling household and industrial items.

They are even able to dismantle some of these items if they can’t fit in our trucks, then reassemble them on site or in your new home. There are plenty of other reasons why Top Notch Movers is the first choice in South Florida.

Licensed and insured local Florida movers

We are licensed to offer moving services in Florida. So, do not go for those local movers who are not licensed because a moving company must be able to protect your property against any damages.

A claim of damages is only possible with a licensed company like Top Notch Movers. And being that we are insured is enough reason to make you trust that your goods will be in safe hands.

Reputation and Experience

We are a very reputable company as can be testified by our old clients. We have very many repeat clients in Florida who always trust us with their jobs. We have experience in this industry because we have been in this business for more than a decade, and in all those years we’ve never had even a single fault.

Price, Reviews and Track record

We understand the challenges associated with moving locally. Some of these can seriously hurt you financially. Maybe you have spent some cash on your new home or on your new premises, and you have not much left for other expenses. For this reason, we make our moving prices to be very fair.

We also don’t charge extra for packaging of the furniture or for any extra object that you might have overlooked.

Our track record speaks for itself. You can confirm this from the reviews we get online from our satisfied clients.

Visit our Yelp page, HomeAdvisor or if you’d like, read testimonials from our clients. 

What To Expect From Us 

We will let you know in advance when our moving crew will arrive at your current premises or home. There will always be a team leader who will coordinate the moving process, and he will be the person to get in touch with if you have any concerns or questions.

The team will then get down to work, and the first thing will be to prepare an inventory of all your items. The inventory must be written, and it will contain the details of the conditions of each item.

Each item will be assessed and then assigned an inventory number to help in tracking. We need to ensure that each item arrives at the destination and that it is in the same condition in which it left your point of departure. This is also done to ensure that you can lay claim on any item that might have been damaged. Ensure everything is listed in the inventory before signing.

Once our team is done with the inventory, the loading will begin. They will consider the best order in which the items are arranged in the van or the truck. Delicate items will be handled professionally, and you have to ensure that anything personal that you don’t want to be loaded is not loaded.

These may include your identification documents and any of your valuables. We have a special technique of loading things like furniture, and each of them will be wrapped properly before being loaded. The loaders are experienced in this job, and they will ensure that every item fits in and is properly fixed to prevent shifting as the vehicle moves.

Shifting can cause damages, that why we ensure that all the items are tightly fitted in the truck.

Relax and Let Us Do the Work

While all this is going on, we want you to be an observer, you are not supposed to help us in the job. You hired us to do it, so, relax and let our team do all the straining and lifting. If anything, that why you are paying us.

Once you are satisfied that everything is in order, the movement will begin. Finally, when your items reach their destination, it will be upon our team to move them in and arrange them the way you desire.

The inventory will be used here to ensure that all the items arrive safely. Top-Notch Movers are at your service.

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