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The day that you need to move is approaching. All of your belongings are packed and ready to go, the only question is, will you be hiring professional movers to help with the move. Or, maybe you will just gather some friends to help you free of charge!

Well, free always sounds good, but it might not be the best option. It may actually end up costing you more than if you would just hire professionals.

There are three things to consider before begging your friends to help. Hiring Professional Fort Lauderdale movers like Top Notch Movers to help you get the job done can be the best solution. But read further to see what else can be done about it.

A distance of the Move

Usually, the longer the distance of the move is, the riskier it becomes. This is why it is recommended to hire long distance movers like Top Notch Movers. They help you with your move when it is long distance.

Whenever you are moving your belongings to another city or across state lines, many things can go wrong. Especially when your move isn’t done right.

The truck can be packed incorrectly, and when driving in certain areas, your stuff can get damaged. If you rent a truck, it can break down, which can be a real hassle. When you use professional Fort Lauderdale movers, you know that there are backup trucks available.

Time of the Move

When you are doing a local move, you should find out how much time you have to spend moving. If you do not have that much time, professionals like Top Notch Movers is probably your best option.

A move that would take professional Professional Fort Lauderdale movers two or three hours to complete can take up the whole day for you.

Having you and your friends try to do the move yourselves would probably be cheaper. Let’s be honest, we all know that there will be some arguing and complaining during the process. Those things most people prefer to avoid.

Skill Sets Needed to Perform the Move | Professional Fort Lauderdale Movers

Take a look at your friends, do they look like a bunch of people that have the necessary skills to perform a move? It is a possibility that they are, but they probably are not. If you have a lot of furniture, you probably need some good Professional Fort Lauderdale movers like Top Notch Movers to help you out.

These pieces of furniture can easily get damaged if in the wrong hands. When you have a professional that does this kind of work every day, moving furniture is part of their nature.

The damage that can take place if you use your friends to move your valuables can cost more than what it would take to hire movers. Keep that in consideration.


If you are on a really tight budget but you are also worried about clumsy friends, we suggest to hire movers.

Top Notch Movers are professional Professional Fort Lauderdale movers that can take on whatever task you put in front of them.  We are flexible with people’s budgets. Do not make the mistake of hiring your friends to do a move that requires the expertise of professionals.

Make the right call and hire the professionals from the start.

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