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You should Always work with a Certified Moving company. Hire one now.

It is recommended that for anything in life, you should work with someone who is certified. Therefore a certified moving company will make your move faster and easier and provide you with a proper service.

As a result, this is why we always think it is best to work with a certified moving company. Not only is it common and required for people to receive certain certifications in their state, but they are also the telltale signs of a respectable business.

So, what are the best moving company certifications? As to why should you care about them? How can you find this information on these companies websites?

What are Common Moving Company Certifications

FLORIDA PROmovers – Top Notch Movers – Certified Moving Company

For us, this is one of the biggest moving certifications that we have to offer. This is working in close coordination with the Florida Pro Mover association, and it is a representation of our working within the parameters that Florida dictates a respectable moving business should operate within.

The Florida ProMovers association employs a strong code of ethics to hold moving companies to the highest standards and ensure people moving in and out of the state are well taken care of.

FMWA is a non-profit trade association, responsible for educating and protecting members and allies of the moving and storage industry. First of all, the main purposes of FMWA include:

Advance the best interests of the general public as it relates to the moving and storage industry while fostering good business ethics on the part of its members.
Promote cooperation and goodwill among its members.
Investigate and make recommendations as to existing or proposed legislation and to appear before legislative bodies, commissions, and boards on behalf of the association.” As a result, you can get a better idea of moving companies around you.

Department of Transportation – Top Notch Movers – Certified Moving Company

The Federal Department of Transportation is the national association that determines the proper parameters, rules for moving companies. Furthermore, they are the ones who mandate rules such as no driving beyond 4 hours without a break and no more than 400 miles per day per driver.

Call Department of transportation and ask them how to handle regular moving company. This will allow you to double check the mover. Be sure to ask as many questions as you can.

These unethical business practices can both be detrimental to the end user, the movers themselves, or the cargo being transported. While this is the only certification on this list that must be owned for a moving company, it is especially relevant to transport belongings within the united states, if a moving company doesn’t have this, don’t use them because they are not operating within the law.

American Moving and Storage Association –  Top Notch Movers – Certified Moving Company


The American Moving and Storage Association is a group of movers who elevate their trade. Similar to trade associations that mandate prices and ensure optimal business practices for everyone.

Therefore AMSA is a great standard, movers and storage companies will personally hold themselves to create the best environment for their services.

AMSA is not required for operation in America. It is a great sign that the moving company you are working with is invested in their future and the optimal landscape. Would you go to a dentist who doesn’t care about the development of their craft?

Additional Certifications a Company can Seek

These are additional certifications after that check them out while searching for a mover. You have to visit their sites when looking for a mover. Go, do it and see the results.

Better Business Bureau – Top Notch Movers –  Certified Moving Company

The Better Business Bureau is an independent company. It measures the ability of a business to coordinate with customers and ensures that their products are handled properly.

This an individual organization. Due to this organization being individual you do not need to register your business with the BB. Furthermore, they are not a nationally mandated corporation. They are a standalone organization that does not represent government interaction at all.

Because of this, what they say is purely speculative of their area. Additionally, if you work with the Better Business Bureau, you need to pay around $500 a year to maintain your membership.

Move For Hunger – Top Notch Movers – Certified Moving Company

Move For Hunger is a great organization that works with moving companies to help transport large storages of food for charities and large fundraising events.

Donation department utilizes the moving trucks while movers to escort food from one place to another. You can help, donate your food or anything you have. Be good, do good, and as a result, you will receive better prices.

Five Star Ratings

Five-star ratings can be accumulated from any conglomerate association. Most people will prefer places like Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, or any other type of online area in which user reviews can be submitted.

These are great because they showcase real-life people’s experiences with the business in an online setting. As a result, they can showcase their thoughts and opinions while also interacting with the moving company in an open forum. So, this shows how the company responds to criticisms and what the consensus is with them.

However, it is incredibly easy to skew these results. If you have a large family with different surnames, you can easily simulate differing opinions.

Charity Movers

Charity Movers are similar to Movers for Hunger. Except they will typically do almost all of the processes themselves. This could be anything from food drives and fundraisers to helping people move pro bono.

This shows a lot of initiative with the company and much more involvement on an authentic level. Where some companies may just bring up that they do Move for Hunger and showcase their badge on their website, other businesses that do charity moving will just do it without some fancy badge to show off.

What Happens if the Movers aren’t Certified?

If you aren’t working with a certified mover, then you should not work with them. If they are just starting out and have experience, then you should try and get a few of their previous reviewers and call them.

See if there is any truth to the references they claim validity too. If they are not certified, just note that you are possibly putting yourself in a precarious position.

How can I avoid being Scammed?

The best way to avoid being scammed is to of course not work with movers that are unverified.

However, if you must work with them and want to hold them accountable for everything you need these two things:

Written Consultation

A written consultation means that they are quoting you on something that will be accurate and valid for a long time. If they try and finagle their way out of the price you will be able to hold them to the fact that there is a signed and written consultation they must honor.

Clear Contract

First of all, check if your moving company offer a contract. It can benefit you, make sure to go over every single detail.

If you are not ready to sign, get a copy of the contract and bring it to a paralegal. Most lawyers will be fine going over the contract in detail to ensure that everything is clear cut.

Top Notch Movers – Certified Moving Company

Thank you for reading, I hope this cleared up any questions you have regarding certifications!

We hope this guide has been helpful to you and we hope to hear from you soon. If you would like to work with one of the best moving companies in South Florida, we encourage you to call us or fill out the form below. Therefore we have people waiting by the phones at all hours of the day, and we would love to hear from you!

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